Sticky Mat/Tacky Mat for Cleanrooms & Construction


Sticky Mats/Tacky Mats: 24" x 36"- 4 mats of 30 sheets (120 sheets total)

  • 24 inch x 36 inch
  • 4 mats per case
  • 30 sheets per mat
  • Removes dirt, dust, and debris
  • Ideal for cleanrooms and construction sites

At TapeManBlue, we know the importance of keeping your office floor, shop floor and especially your customers' carpet and flooring clean during construction and renovation. We also know that there are certain applications that require stringent dust and dirt control. We’ve heard you’re tired of dealing with protective products that simply don’t provide the coverage you need, and that’s why we only offer top-notch tacky mats that far surpasses the quality of other products on the market.

The Many Uses for Sticky Mats

TapeManBlue Sticky Mats are a convenient solution to keeping your workspace clean. When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply dispose of that sheet and continue to use your mat. There are 30 sheets on each mat. This product is an easy and excellent way to protect and extend the life of carpets and floors, especially in high traffic areas.

Sticky floor mats come in handy in all sorts of situations. They can be used during ongoing construction and renovation projects when carpet and other flooring needs protection. Or, they can also be used during rainy weather conditions when there’s a concern about tracking muddy shoes over a surface. The versatility of a tacky mat cannot be overstated.

TapeManBlue Sticky Mats are perfect for protecting against:

Dust, light dirt, foot traffic, and a wide variety of other messes! No matter what threatens a surface, count on sticky floor mats to provide the durable protection you demand.

Professionals use TapeManBlue Sticky Mats for various applications, including:

Construction, renovation, hospitals/medical, laboratories, and much more. As noted above, sticky mats for construction are far more versatile than their name would suggest. Use them for any of the applications noted here, or explore how mats for construction sites can be helpful in other situations.

Demand Quality Sticky Mats for Your Next Project

When you work in the construction or renovation fields, you are often working in changing environments where dirt and dust is constantly moving. The areas and surfaces where you are working may be completely finished, while other areas and surfaces remain works in progress. Having quality mats for construction allows you to protect the finished areas while the unfinished areas remain under construction.

At TapeManBlue, we offer high-quality products made in the United States. Our clean room sticky mat options go on easily, hold durably and then remove without issue — leaving behind no residue or other damage. When you need to keep some surfaces pristine while others are being worked on, get quality protection when you choose from among our dust control sticky mat options.

Get a Strong Return on Your Investment

You can find many options when looking for sticky floor mats. Unfortunately, most of them fail to deliver a strong return on your investment. Cheap mats from overseas providers may not perform the way that you want, and premium mats made in the United States may cost too much to fit into your budget.

We offer sticky mats that deliver both quality and affordability. Our mats for construction are meant to work hard day in and day out while protecting surfaces. We also run our own operations lean and keep our own overhead low so that we can pass along those savings to customers like you. When you want quality, affordability and a strong return on your investment, choose sticky floor mats for construction sites from TapeManBlue.

Find the Best Sticky Mats at TapeManBlue

When you shop at TapeManBlue, you can trust our sticky mats and similar products to get the job done. Our sticky mats meet the highest quality standards, and they are affordable at everyday low prices that enhance your bottom line. As an added benefit, we offer free shipping within the continental United States, which unlocks even more in savings. If you need assistance during your search for sticky mats for construction sites, our team is always here to help.