Paper Application Tape with Layflat Adhesive


TapeManBlue® Paper Application Transfer Tape is an excellent choice for most of your sign-making tasks. The tape consists of 4-mil, natural-colored paper and features a medium-high tack level. It lays flat on a silicone release liner, simplifying the transfer and application of vinyl graphics. Comparable application tape products include:

  • R-Tape 4075RLA  
  • R-Tape 4050RLA
  • Main Tape GXP-775
  • ABI 592U

Discover Your Many Transfer Tape Options

We strive to provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality products at TapeManBlue, including:
Paper transfer tape: Paper tape is used to move graphics made of vinyl after they’ve been cut. Paper tape is often used due to the range of tack levels it provides.
Clear transfer tape: Clear tape provides similar performance to paper tape, but clear tape is often preferred in situations where the vinyl design underneath needs to be visible.
Pallet tape for screen printing: Pallet tape is used in screen printing to help printers move through their work efficiently and without the need for messy cleanup after projects.

Quality and Performance You Can Trust

When you secure quality vinyl transfer tape and pallet tape, you’re able to do your best work as efficiently as possible. Our wholesale vinyl transfer tape is designed to provide the best performance, going on easily and sticking durably — though removing easily, too, as needed. When you choose cheap application tape, you often have to wrestle with it during the application and removal processes. You spend a disproportionate amount of time using the tape, which distracts you from doing your core job. That’s not the case when you choose adhesive transfer tape from TapeManBlue.

You also enjoy options when browsing our selection of transfer tape for vinyl. You’ll find tape that's low-tack, medium-tack, high-tack, as well as options for clear film or plain paper. For all your vinyl tape needs, trust the selection you’ll find at TapeManBlue.

Bring Value to Your Work

When you work with us, you'll enjoy everyday low prices and free shipping within the continental United States. The low cost of transfer tape solutions at TapeManBlue brings value to your work, delivering the utmost in performance while also keeping your operating costs low. We’re able to offer these low prices because we choose to run our business lean and with low overhead, passing along the savings to you.

TapeManBlue: Your Source for Adhesive Tape

When you need transfer tape for vinyl, TapeManBlue delivers products you can trust. In our selection, you’ll find nothing but quality transfer tape rolls and everyday low pricing. We’re also here to help if you need support. If you have any questions about vinyl tape, you can take a look at our FAQ page or live chat with our customer service team!

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