TapeManBlue Internship Program

TapeManBlue is launching a robust copywriting internship for the fall semester of 2019. We’re looking for top-performing students ready to rock the eCommerce world. 

This highly educational and participatory program is a game-changing opportunity for you to show the world you have what it takes. You won’t be getting coffee for anyone at this internship; you’ll harness your skills to create work that matters and hits the marketplace immediately. At TapeManBlue, you’ll be given creative freedom to do what you do best and you’ll be trusted to add value to real projects. We don't want you to go back to school with just a stronger resumé, we want you to leave this experience with practical skills and greater perspective. Accelerate your personal and professional growth by joining a team that cares about you as a human and makes an investment in your future.


We will be hiring for the following position:

Copywriting Intern


Interns will work remotely with flexible hours, allowing them to stay engaged in their academics and social circles. We are, however, looking for interns in the Philadelphia area for in-person interviews and on-boarding. 

Stay tuned for more information about the application process. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.