CanvasWrap Print Media


Graphics and printing companies need access to high-quality print media if they want to deliver amazing results and delight their customers. At TapeManBlue, we offer a huge selection of quality canvas wrap options that exceed your expectations.

Our CanvasWrap is a 17-mil canvas print media designed to provide an artistic look and durable finish to your graphics. This style of digitally printable canvas provides a high-end look and feel that gives customers the best value for their investment in printing. You can also choose different types of ink for printing on our canvas wrap roll. It can be beautifully printed with UV, latex, solvent, and eco-solvent inks. There is no adhesive on this product.

Continue reading to learn more about our canvas wrap and the benefits you'll enjoy when using TapeManBlue as your provider. Also, contact us with questions and support needs as you browse and consider your canvas wrap print media options.

How to Use CanvasWrap Print Media

Printable canvas is used for a number of different purposes. First and foremost, a canvas for digital printing can be used to reproduce and enlarge photographs. In other cases, a printable canvas can be used for signage, symbols, logos and other business purposes. No matter how you need to use non-adhesive wall coverings, get your canvas wrap from TapeManBlue to deliver the best results.

Get the Results You’re Looking For

Quality is truly the one thing that matters when searching for a nonadhesive backed canvas. When you choose quality, you can deliver the best results and the most attractive finishes. In turn, you can please your own customers who have trusted you for their printable canvas needs. You can often find cheap printable canvas options from overseas providers, but you get what you pay for — and these cheaper options often deliver poor-quality results. You can also find more expensive canvas wrap made in the United States. But it’s hard to get the return on investment you need when paying higher prices.

At TapeManBlue, we strive to offer the best of both. You get the quality that’s necessary to do your best work, and you get the quality canvas wrap roll at a price that helps your business run efficiently. Boost your bottom line and your overall business when you choose canvas wrap from TapeManBlue.

We Pass the Savings to You

At TapeManBlue, we run our operations lean and keep our overhead low so that we can pass the savings along to you. As an added benefit to our customers, we offer free shipping on all orders within the continental United States. Between everyday low prices and free shipping on most orders, you can unlock incredible value when you choose TapeManBlue for your digitally printable canvas needs.

Do Your Best Work

You want to do your best work, and TapeManBlue wants to help you do it. When you choose from among non-adhesive canvas options in our selection, you gain access to products that meet high-quality standards at prices that fit nicely into your budget. When you take advantage of our free shipping, you’re able to enhance your bottom line even more. Also, our team is always here to provide support as you look for the nonadhesive backed canvas options you require. At TapeManBlue, you’ll always find products and service you can trust.

If you have any questions about CanvasWrap, check out our FAQ page or live chat with our customer service team!