Masking Tape

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General Purpose Masking Tape | Made in the USA | Free Shipping
  • Multi-use, tan crepe paper masking tape
  • Available sizes: 1 inch x 60 yards, 2 inch x 60 yards
  • 5.0 mils thick
  • Made in America for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders
When you need a good all-purpose tape that's strong yet flexible, masking tape fits the bill. Masking tape can stick to nearly anything, and it is designed to stay securely in place.

Masking tape forms a solid bond with whatever you tape, enough to keep paper, cardboard and other materials in place. When you use masking tape, you can feel confident the tape will stay put without pulling away.

Masking tape also easily conforms to a wide range of surfaces. If you need to tape something with an irregular shape or texture, masking tape provides reliable adhesion. It also resists curling and lifting around the edges, allowing it to stay in place without frequent replacement.

Masking Tape From TapeManBlue

Our masking tape is made with crepe paper and a rubber adhesive. It is tan and 5 mils thick. TapeManBlue Masking Tape provides good adhesion but won't rub off on surfaces or cause stickiness after removal. This means you can enjoy longevity and simplicity when you use our masking tape. Plus, it comes in a neutral color to blend in with your project. Each situation demands a unique type of tape, and we are happy to provide 1- and 2-inch varieties, both available in 60 yards.

The high quality of our American-made masking tape is evident from the moment you pull a piece off the roll. It's easy to rip yet sturdy enough that you won't tear it accidentally, providing the perfect degree of resilience and durability. It takes just seconds to rip and apply masking tape, and you'll get long-lasting results.

Masking tape is a go-to solution in many situations, so you want to have a few rolls ready to deal with anything that may arise. Many professionals buy masking tape in bulk to get the best pricing. You can use our masking tape for your home or your business. The outstanding quality of our products ensures you get tape you can use for a long time.

Why should you choose TapeManBlue for masking tape? Our many satisfied customers provide the best argument for trusting our products. We sell masking tape to thousands of professionals, and they continue to come back to us because they love the outstanding value of our products. Shop for masking tape and more from TapeManBlue.
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How Can You Use Masking Tape?

You can use masking tape for many purposes. It was originally invented to provide strong adhesiveness without damaging the surface it adhered to, but you can use masking tape in just about any circumstances. Masking tape works well when:
  • Attaching a poster to the wall.
  • Taping a cardboard box shut.
  • Putting a label on a box, container or item.
  • Bundling things together, such as newspapers.
  • Attaching one piece of paper to another.
  • Fixing something broken, such as a box.
TapeManBlue 1-inch and 2-inch masking tapes are versatile and reliable and have a broad range of applications. Educators, administrators, retailers, sign makers, glass workers, construction workers and contractors all employ masking tape for projects in their industries. When you need a fast, dependable adhesive solution, masking tape is an ideal choice.

Pricing and Shipping for Bulk Masking Tape

When you purchase in bulk, you can save money on masking tape. You might pay hundreds of dollars per case when you buy from a big retailer, but when you purchase from TapeManBlue, you could pay half that. You enjoy the best pricing when you buy tape in bulk from us.

When you purchase from TapeManBlue, you'll also receive free ground shipping on orders made in the continental United States. Orders go out one to two business days after they are placed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Masking Tape

Here are some answers to questions we frequently hear about masking tape.

What Surfaces Can Your Masking Tape Be Used On?

TapeManBlue Masking Tape can be used on finished and unfinished wood, brick, metal, glass and porous surfaces.

Can You Use Masking Tape Outdoors?

Yes. Masking tape resists sunlight, ultraviolet (UV) damage and moisture, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Can You Use Masking Tape for Painting?

We recommend blue painter's tape as the best solution for painting tasks. You will get the best results when you use tape made specifically for painting.

How Much Will a Roll of Masking Tape Cover?

Our masking tape comes in a standard length of 60 yards.

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