PrestoTex Print Media


7-mil Removable and Repositionable Print Media for Wall Murals

This repositionable adhesive-backed wallcovering has the same easy release microsphere adhesive that makes it a favorite of installers across the country. The fabric is moderately translucent yet more opaque than competitors, which puts it in a class of its own. Wall murals capture more attention with the deep color reproduction the material affords.

PrestoTex is also available with our exclusive gold iridescent and silver finishes that will make your customers stand out from the crowd of competitors and flat finishes. The vibrancy of these wallcoverings changes the mood of a room as it captures people’s attention. People are reporting excellent results for point-of-purchase signage and holiday displays.

All of our wallcoverings come with the ‘Clean Cut Guarantee’ that make short and easy work of decals or precision cuts. PrestoTex does not rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl. Our guarantee is something you simply won’t find with other print media providers, and it gives you a level of protection that allows you to do your best work and deliver the best possible results.

If you have any questions about PrestoTex, check out our FAQ page or live chat with our customer service team!

PrestoTex Applications

PrestoTex is used by digital printers for commercial and residential applications. Its ability to create eye-popping walls coverings, murals and other signage makes it one of the most popular adhesives for digital printing on the market. When you choose TapeManBlue as your provider of PrestoTex, you gain access to color options, quality material and everyday low pricing. Make sure you’re getting the best printable adhesive material for your needs when you choose PrestoTex from TapeManBlue.

Digital Printing That Impresses

PrestoTex delivers two primary benefits. First and foremost, it looks great when printed on with your mural, graphics or other artwork. This wall mural adhesive is known to create an appearance that really pops. It is also repositionable. If you don’t like where your design is placed initially, you can easily move it to a different spot without losing adhesive capabilities.

All you need is the right provider of PrestoTex. At TapeManBlue, we provide a huge selection that delivers various color options and everyday low prices.

Quality Plus Affordability

At TapeManBlue, we always offer quality products, our printable mural products included. But we choose to run our operations lean and keep our overhead low so that we can pass along the savings to you, the customer — which makes the items we offer affordable, too.

When you’re able to deliver outstanding results on high-quality printable materials, you can delight your own customers. Additionally, when you can secure those items at an affordable price, you can sustain a high-performing business for the foreseeable future.

Get PrestoTex at TapeManBlue

When you need removable wall media, you’ll find no better source than TapeManBlue. We offer PrestoTex as part of a huge selection that delivers multiple options and various colors to choose from. When you select a product in our inventory, you can always rest assured you’re getting a high-quality solution you can trust over the long-term.

When you shop with us, you'll also enjoy prices you won’t find anywhere else. As noted above, we run our operations in such a way that we’re able to offer industry-leading prices and help you get the value you want from an investment in printable products.

And there’s one last thing: Our customer service team is always here to help you make the best decision when searching for solutions for digital printing. You can contact us at any time for expert guidance as you compare options and make a final decision. At TapeManBlue, we strive to offer products you can trust so that you get your job done right.