Whether you own an automotive business or a nice ride, every gearhead wants to use only the best on their vehicles. Adhesive products are no exception, especially since they can be essential to preserving the aesthetics of a vehicle's exterior. 

That's where TapeManBlue comes in. We supply the ultimate protective film and tape for cars being repaired or transported, and our products are manufactured here in America.

High-Quality Automotive Collision Wrap

There are many reasons why you might have to protect an automobile when the usual seals can't. When severe accidents happen and the damage must be repaired at a garage, you need to get the car there safely. You could have a smashed or cracked window or a sprung door on your hands. When body shop mechanics remove these kinds of features, they need to apply a cover.

We carry self-adhering Collision Wrap for all those situations where you can't leave a gaping vulnerability on a vehicle. This clear, 3.5-mil wrap uses a high-tack adhesive. The temporary protective film keeps out the rain, snow, dirt and even over-spray, plus it holds on tight against the whipping wind if the car accelerates. Use it to preserve the condition of the vehicle interior when the exterior needs significant work.

Film for Protecting Cars During Transport

Our protective film for cars does more than just perform patching up. For vehicles attached to a tow boom, or atop a dealer truck, think of all the hazardous things that come flying towards them as they move at speed on the road. Bugs splat against the front, hanging branches rake across the sides and kicked-up bits of stone bounce off the metal. Even a puddle of acid rain can pose a risk to the finish.

If you apply our crash/collision wrap, you can avoid having to solve the mystery of how that scratch or stain got on a vehicle en route to its destination.

Versatile Tape for Automobile Work

We know that our Blue Painter's Tape is helpful to have around your garage for a reliable method to mask or seam a vehicle temporarily. After all, masking tape was introduced almost a century ago for painting automobiles! We've made sure our tape keeps up with the times by using a safe adhesive formula for the body of modern vehicles.

Our tape for automotive jobs has the added benefit of being UV-resistant, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If there's a car with tape on it that needs to move out of your garage, the adhesion won't break down due to sun exposure. If you're selling the car you've driven for years and your goal is simply to stick a sign on it, you can certainly do that too. We designed our blue painter's tape to come off cleanly within a working window of up to 21 days.

TapeManBlue Delivers Superior Vehicle Protection

When it comes to safeguarding cars during transport or on the lot, our American-made products give you dependable results. Need to buy our products in bulk for your shop? You'll enjoy the volume discounts we offer. Every order qualifies for fast, free shipping across the lower 48 states.

Browse our family of surface protection coverings and tapes and get rolling with your order today!

Collision Wrap
Collision Wrap

Collision Wrap

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36" Roll of Self-Adhesive Crash/Collision Wrap for Cars Protects car interiors from dirt, dust, snow, rain, and oversprays  3.5 mil thick film wit...

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