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Since 2006, TapeManBlue has built a diverse lineup of products, including industrial tapes, self-adhering protective films, transfer tape and print media. Our blue painter's tape is our most popular product, as it is high-quality, budget-friendly and proudly made in the USA.

We're now the leading online seller that large businesses and DIY pros turn to for completing their most complex jobs. When durability and affordability matter most to your company, TapeManBlue is the top-quality choice.

Explore the uses of our diverse family of tape and adhesive products below.


Prepare your job sites and home renovation spaces with precision to avoid re-work and unneeded damage. Our blue tape and surface protection films for construction will increase overall safety in more ways than one. When you finish the job and lift the coverings away, there's no residue to clean up afterward. If your job requires reliable adhesives, take a look at our specialty tapes, like heavy-duty Red Stucco Tape for high visibility. 

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Flooring & Tile

We offer temporary floor protection that's easy to roll out and stays secure on hardwood, laminate, and tiling. Carpet protection for synthetic materials is also available. Our blue painter's tape is a favorite among flooring installers, as its clean removal adhesive is safe for hardwood floors. 

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Windows & Glass

Glass installations are the last thing you want to see scratched or stained on accident. Our films for window protection are simple to roll down and ideal for safeguarding against paints, plasters, acid washes and over-sprays.

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Remodeling & Restoration

We offer a wide variety of protective films for home improvement projects, including coverings for countertops and stainless steel components. HVAC suppliers and installers can take advantage of our duct protection film, which meets essential SMACNA guidelines. You can even throw down a disposable sticky mat that takes the dirt and dust off the underside of workers' boots to keep spaces sanitary.

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In addition to providing traditional painter's tape, we stock protective films for painting projects that ensure you won't have to scramble to clean up a spill. TapeManBlue helps you brush and roll exactly what you should from floor to ceiling.

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Sign Making & Printing

We provide transfer tape for signage and pallet tape for screen printing.

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Automotive Work

We supply collision wrap for those who need to protect damaged vehicles during transport or repair. Our high-tack adhesive sticks on strong to shield the interior of cars while being gentle on the exterior finish.

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Nobody Covers It All Like TapeManBlue!

We're here for you if you ever have a question about using or purchasing our products. We can help find the right-sized item and adhesive quality for your industry application. Shop with TapeManBlue today and let's get the job done!

See our FAQ guide for more information about us and our adhesive solutions.

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Strapping Tape
Strapping Tape

Strapping Tape


General-purpose tensilized polypropylene strapping tape Used for bundling, palletizing, unitizing, and color-coding 2.8 mils thick  90 cases per p...

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Collision Wrap
Collision Wrap

Collision Wrap

from $39.95

36" Roll of Self-Adhesive Crash/Collision Wrap for Cars Protects car interiors from dirt, dust, snow, rain, and oversprays  3.5 mil thick film wit...

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