Flooring & Tile

Floor installation and protection is just one of the many industries we're here for at TapeManBlue. Whether you're planning out a floor arrangement or protecting the existing flooring in your space, our surface protection products offer quality that you can only get out of American-made goods. Check out the innovative products we supply below.

Versatile Tape That's Safe for Flooring and Tile

For flooring projects, you have to choose the right tape the first time to prevent lasting damage to your surfaces. You want strong adherence that won't leave behind a sticky residue. Also, you don't want to cause damage to the floor, particularly to wooden surfaces, because that'll spell a costly do-over, repair or replacement.

Fortunately, our Blue Painter's Tape provides the right level of tackiness to hold onto floorboards and tiling. It's also UV resistant, so if you're laying out patio tile or working in a bright, sunny room, the adhesive won't break down due to light exposure.

Our blue floor tape has a generous working window of 21 days to lift away during clean-up and leave surfaces spotless. We offer five variations of 60-yard rolls between 3/4 of an inch and 3 inches wide.

Self-Adhesive Protective Film for Floors

If you want to save the condition of the floor during a construction or renovation job, it's necessary to put down a layer of protection in case of a paint spill or fallen object.

But why go through the fuss of spreading out a sheet of rosin paper or drop cloth — or multiples of them if the size you buy isn't big enough? For each one, you have to crawl on your hands and knees, taping down the edges to the floor. And who knows if the layer won't tear after a while?

With a roll of TapeManBlue's Floor Protection Film or Carpet Protection Film, you can prevent damage from any dust, mess or debris. You just set the films down and lead them out with your feet for effortless floor protection during construction. These temporary floor protectors resist rips and punctures from sharp tools, and the edge-to-edge adhesive eliminates any creases that could pose a fall hazard.

Both kinds of self-adhesive protective floor films can be left on for 45 days without a trace of residue afterward. However, please note the type you use does make a difference: Our Floor Protection Film is ideal for hard surfaces, while our Carpet Protection Film is designed for synthetic carpeting.

TapeManBlue Provides the Best Tape and Protective Films for Floors

We make it affordable for you to add precision, cleanliness and safety to your flooring and tile projects. Save time and your bottom line by using TapeManBlue's tape and film products on the job. Get free shipping on every order across the continental U.S. and take advantage of our bulk order pricing!

Lay out the next project the right way. Shop the variety of products we supply for the flooring industry today!