Red Stucco Tape - Case of 24 Rolls

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Red Stucco Tape - 2 inch x 60 yards (24 rolls per case)

Red stucco tape is an essential tool for those who install cement, masonry, insulation and other components during construction projects. When engaged in these applications, having high-quality stucco tape for builders makes a world of difference in how effectively and efficiently contractors can complete their work.

At TapeManBlue, we specialize in providing a host of tape solutions to construction companies, painters and other service contractors, as well as individuals who need industrial red tape and similar solutions. Continue reading to learn more about our industrial stucco tape, and contact us if we can provide more information or answer questions about our polyethylene (PE) tape rolls.

The Benefits of Our Outdoor Stucco Tape

TapeManBlue Red Stucco Tape is a polyethylene film tape designed for specialized construction applications.

The tape is formulated for minimum stretch and will remove cleanly from your surface for up to 60 days even after being exposed to sun and rain. This should give you plenty of time to conduct the tasks and work needed while the tape is protecting surfaces without worrying about residue or other damage to the surface. It also easily unwinds from the roll and is tearable by hand, making for a simple application. Our polyethylene tape goes on smoothly and comes off easily, helping you get through your duties more efficiently.

The UV-resistant coating on TapeManBlue Red Stucco Tape makes the product weather-resistant in addition to being waterproof. Many times, adverse weather conditions can hold you back as you plan and prepare to execute various projects, but this sun-resistant tape is always ready for action, rain or shine.

Also, the bright red color allows for clear visibility to make sure no tape is leftover once your job is complete. This is especially helpful if you’re completing projects on behalf of a client. You want to leave the work area fully completed, and leaving tape behind can make it look like there's still work to be done. Our red seam tape is designed to help you clear the area and leave it looking finished.

Our bulk red stucco tape is versatile, too. TapeManBlue Stucco Tape will conform and adhere to rough, textured, irregular surfaces to get the job done right. When you choose our poly tape, you’re getting a product that will come in handy when used on a number of different projects and surfaces.

What Can You Do With Construction Stucco Tape?

Did we mention versatility? When you purchase red stucco tape, you can then use your tape for any number of applications, including:
  • Protecting surfaces during construction and maintenance
  • Seaming, holding, patching seam heavy poly sheeting
  • Masking against overspray when applying stucco, EIFS, and construction coatings
  • Holding, bundling, and securing
  • Bundling pipe, conduit, and rebar
  • Window and door masking jobs
  • Other construction, remodeling, and maintenance applications

Use Our UV-Resistant Tape on Various Surfaces

This tape is the best tape for stucco, but it’s not for stucco alone. When you use your first roll of polyethylene repair tape, you’ll find that it quickly adheres to (and removes from) a range of surfaces, including glass, metal, work, brick, stonework, tile, window frames, and door frames.

Get Quality at TapeManBlue

You can always count on finding quality products when you browse the selection at TapeManBlue. Our tape for stucco walls and other surfaces provides the ideal blend of stickiness and easy removal. You can often find polyethylene adhesive tape made overseas at bargain-basement prices, but these tape options often fail to perform up to standards. You can also find UV-resistant tape made in North America, but you pay a premium in most cases for the higher quality.

When you choose stucco tape made in Canada from TapeManBlue, you get both. You’re getting a high-quality product that performs as needed, and you’re also getting everyday low pricing that brings value to your work and projects.

We keep our overhead low and our operations running lean so that we can pass along savings to you, the end user of our stucco tape and other products. As an added benefit, you'll also enjoy free shipping on all orders to the continental United States, which brings even more value to your investment.

TapeManBlue: Tape You Can Trust

When purchasing polyethylene tape from TapeManBlue, you get tape you can trust and prices you won’t find anywhere else — you'll pay only $130.00/case when you order five or more cases! And remember, TapeManBlue offers FREE ground shipping on all orders in the 48 U.S. Continental States.

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