Red Stucco Tape




Red Stucco Tape - 2 in. x 60 yds. (24 rolls/case)

Tape Man Blue's Red Stucco Tape is a polyethylene film tape designed for specialized construction applications.  The tape is formulated for minimum stretch and will remove cleanly from your surface for up to 60 days even after being exposed to sun and rain.  It easily unwinds from the roll and is tearable by hand, making for a simple application.  The UV resistant coating on TapeManBlue Red Stucco Tape makes the product weather resistant in addition to being waterproof.  Also, the bright red color allows for clear visibility to make sure no tape is leftover once your job is complete.  TapeManBlue Stucco Tape will conform and adhere to rough, textured, irregular surfaces to get the job done right.


Tape Man Blue Stucco Tape is ideal for the following applications:

  • Protecting surfaces during construction and maintenance
  • Seaming, holding, patching seam heavy poly sheeting
  • Masking against overspray when applying stucco, EIFS, and construction coatings
  • Holding, bundling, and securing
  • Bundling pipe, conduit, and rebar
  • Window and door masking jobs
  • Other construction, remodeling, and maintenance applications

Professionals use Tape Man Blue Stucco Tape on various surfaces, including:
Glass, metal, work, stucco, brick, stonework, tile, window frames, and door frames

When purchasing from, you'll pay only $130.00/case when you order five or more cases!  And remember, TapeManBlue offers FREE ground shipping on all orders in the 48 U.S. Continental States. 



Ask a Question
  • Can this tape be used outdoors?

    Yes, Tape Man Blue's Red Stucco Tape is treated with a UV coating and is suitable for outdoor applications.

  • What is the mil thickness of the red stucco tape?

    Our Red Stucco Tape is 7.5 mils thick.

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