Our Commitment to Sustainability

At TapeManBlue®, we're passionate about helping our customers and the planet. Through our own initiatives and a partnership with the global nonprofit organization Plant With Purpose, our team is taking strides to limit carbon emissions and help farming families around the world. When you make a purchase from us, know that you're supporting our green mission that involves giving vulnerable families the resources they require for survival.

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We're Dedicated to Plant With Purpose

In parts of the world like Haiti, Tanzania and the Congo, deforestation is a major cause of poverty. Natural disasters in the form of flash floods put rural communities in times of crisis, as it becomes difficult to find nutritious foods, work opportunities and shelter. Plant With Purpose is an organization dedicated to planting millions of trees outside of the United States annually. Leaders from the group use its funding to train hardworking families in rural areas on how to boost farm yields and maintain ecosystems.

At TapeManBlue, we think about more than our bottom line. By making donations frequently, our company plants over 1,000 trees each year to make a difference across the globe. We're doing our part to minimize rural poverty and deforestation so that families have a new sense of hope towards a brighter future. Our crew is thrilled to be part of a movement that cuts family poverty levels by an average of two-thirds in the areas served.

How We Reduce Carbon Emissions

The team at TapeManBlue is up to date with the latest technology applicable to our industry to keep carbon emissions low. Our marketing, customer support and administrative staff members all work remotely, which limits the number of vehicles on the road each day. Working from home allows our team to conserve fossil fuels and decrease air pollution year-round.

Having groups of employees work from home also allows us to use less energy than would otherwise be necessary for an office space. It's estimated that large buildings are responsible for about 40% of all U.S. energy consumption. Enabling our workforce to complete tasks remotely gives us a chance to change this statistic for the better.

Using a Carbon Neutral Payment Platform

TapeManBlue takes the time to create an unmatched shopping experience for customers. One way we do so is by using convenient payment technology through Shop Pay. This service makes it easier for repeat customers to purchase what they need with the option to autofill billing information and similar data. All orders placed through Shop Pay are 100% carbon neutral since the platform is powered by Google Cloud. As a Shopify store, we're actively fighting against global climate change.

TapeManBlue: A Company You Can Trust

At TapeManBlue, we go above and beyond for our customers. Alongside our sustainable efforts, we provide you with numerous pricing benefits over the competition. The majority of the products we sell are made in America for fast shipping timelines, and all orders are eligible for free shipping inside the continental U.S. From professional projects to DIY efforts, no one looks after you and the planet quite like TapeManBlue. One of our representatives can also explain your options for bulk ordering.

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