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Tape to Boost Performance and Profits

Here at TapeManBlue®, we want to create long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnerships with the companies that we are in business with. We act as a master distributor, selling to fellow distributors who are looking to re-sell our products on their website or in their catalog. 

Our distributors are putting their names on our products, so we have to build a foundation of trust between us. If our products fail your customers, then you will lose business and we will lose a long-term partner company. Neither side comes out ahead in this situation. This is why we only offer high-quality tape that will leave your customers satisfied, happy, and productive in their work. 

We know that as a distributor, your success determines our success, so we want to work with you in the best ways we can. Since 2006, we have built up a great network of companies that continue to come back to us for our tapes, films, and adhesive products. This shows that our strives to provide our partners and distributors with the best overall experience that we can does not go unnoticed. Our products speak for themselves, but we also provide a variety of other features to provide our business partners with the best experience that we can.


Our distributors benefit with:

  • Custom Wholesale Pricing: By keeping a reasonable order minimum, we are able to maintain low pricing and sustain a more manageable inventory for both us and our distributors. With a full pallet of blue painter's tape costing just $90/case and our guarantee of free shipping, your savings increase even further. For our partnered distributors and franchises, we take the savings a step further by offering custom wholesale pricing on orders. These are prices you won’t see anywhere else on such high quality products.

  • American-Made Products: TapeManBlue® products are American-made with 100%  American-sourced materials. We believe that this is important because the only way to create quality products is by using quality materials. Buying American also allows us to streamline our distribution process since everything comes from companies right here in the USA. Even though we could save a bit of change by purchasing from suppliers in other countries, the benefits of buying American are more important.

  • White Label Products: One service that we provide our distributors is the use of white-label products. This means that you can purchase our products and then rebrand them and market them in whatever way you choose. This provides you with great flexibility in displaying the products in a way that fits your marketing plan and business direction. Building consistency in your branding is a great way to build a strong network of customers, and our white-label products are a great way to do just that!


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If your business is looking for a way to distribute industrial tapes and boost your bottom line, reach out to us today! Contact us with any questions or interests so we can start building a mutually-beneficial partnership between us.