Franchise Partnerships

What a Preferred Vendor Means to Us

TapeManBlue® can become a preferred vendor for you and your business, being your number one stop for supplies. Whether you’re in the construction, painting, window, flooring, restoration, automotive, or education industry, we have the products and the expertise to get you what you need quickly. Here at TapeManBlue®, we value the long term relationships that we build with our clients; we want to create connections that benefit both parties! With our exceptional prices and premium products, you can count on us to deliver all of your tape and protective film needs.  


What We Offer Our Partners:

Free Shipping:  TapeManBlue® provides free shipping to all of our customers within the continental United States on any and all purchases. No matter how big or how small the order is, we will get it to you with no extra cost. Additionally, we maintain predictable prices so that you do not have to worry about surprising jumps in price.


Bulk Discounts: In addition to the free shipping that we offer our customers, we also give generous discounts on bulk orders. By keeping the minimum order amount sensible, we can keep the overall price down. This means that you can purchase a full pallet of blue painter’s tape for just $90 per case.


Easy Online Ordering: Our online store makes it easier than ever to purchase the supplies you need in an efficient, non-frustrating way. Simply find the product with the correct measurements and a description that matches your needs, then place your order! If you are not looking to buy products in bulk, check out our pages on Amazon for individual listings. 


Products Made in USA: Our products are made in America with 100% American-made materials. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers to make products that we are proud of. Many companies will pay for labor and materials in other countries to save money, but TapeManBlue® is dedicated to providing the highest quality products we can. 

How You Benefit from a Strategic Partnership: 

Savings: In addition to all of the great benefits that TapeManBlue® provides to all of our customers, our franchise partners receive additional benefits that can help your work and your bottom line. We are eager to discuss additional discounts for our strategic partners, growing the amount of money you can save even further! 


Ease of Mind: Creating a consistent working relationship with your suppliers grants you peace of mind, knowing that they will hold up their end and avoid any sort of frustrating surprises. This means that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. At TapeManBlue®, we want to become a brand that you can trust will come through for you with quality products and accommodating efficiency. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, contact us today!