Contractors and firms rely on TapeManBlue for simplifying all stages of the construction process, including setup and cleanup. We have a wide variety of rugged products suitable for all applications, such as flooring, window installation and remodeling.

The toughest jobs require the toughest protection, which is why TapeManBlue sticks to the highest quality standards in producing tape and films. See how our offerings can grant added safety, reliability and precision for your construction projects.

Building and Construction Tape

Our list of building tapes starts with a classic. Made in America, for the construction sites that build America, our Blue Painter's Tape is a versatile product for any surface, including wood, metal, trim and painted walls.

Red Stucco Tape is highly visible and has exceptional strength for interior and exterior work. Beyond stopping over-spray of stucco and other coatings, it can patch sheeting, seal piping and bundle rebar.

We also carry Greenhouse Poly Patch Tape for shoring up seams, splicing and bundling materials. This tape makes a particularly good option for outdoor repairs as well.

Each of our tapes for construction projects has a UV-resistant coating and provides a minimum of three weeks of optimal performance with no residue. After all, you don't want to leave a trace when you're done working with a client or renovating your own home.

Surface and Material Protection Films

We do more than provide rolls of tape! We cover whole surfaces too.

Window Protection Film shields glass installments from messy paint drips and stains, self-adheres to edges and paneling, and will remove cleanly for up to 60 days.

Say you're an HVAC installer and want to keep the interior ductwork free of particles while the units rest in storage. Our Duct Protection Film comes in rolls 24 inches or 36 inches wide and blocks out the dirt and dust. If your work takes you into a kitchen area, TapeManBlue covers countertops made from quartz, marble, granite and more. We also make medium-tack adhesive film to safeguard #3 and #4 stainless steel parts during transport or placement.

Floor Protection Films

On a big job, debris can pile up, and you can't rule out a dropped tool or spilled paint can. Our protective films roll out with ease for hard floors or synthetic carpets, ensuring no sliding, no residue, and best of all, no creases to trip over.

As workers trek in and out of busy spaces, we can make sure muddy tracks and other messes don't follow. Lay out a Sticky Mat and it'll trap the grime on work boots as well as any particles that float down.

TapeManBlue Ensures a Quality Job

We're here for you so your team can arrive at the next site fully prepared to mark and protect any surface. When you purchase online from TapeManBlue, you'll take advantage of free, speedy ground shipping on every order in the 48 contiguous U.S. states. Plus, you'll receive discounts on bulk orders, perfect for large-scale projects.

If you have questions you'd like answered by the pros at TapeManBlue, contact us online anytime.