Window & Glass

It's easy to forget that windows and glass are the most fragile features around a construction site or remodeling job. You have to protect them sufficiently from everything from accidents to the elements. At TapeManBlue, we carry tape and protective films for any task performed in proximity to windows. If you're looking out for a quality adhesive product, stick to a company that makes them affordable and offers a full selection manufactured right here in America.

All-Purpose Tape for Glass and Window Applications

For the most versatility you can get out of traditional blue tape, go with the TapeManBlue brand. We offer Blue Painter's Tape that provides excellent performance when working with window frames and glass panels. In addition to being easy to apply directly to window panels, our tape lets you mask over anything surrounding them, including the weatherstripping and the vinyl, wood, composite or metal edges. 

Our painter's tape offers superior adhesion that doesn't go overboard on stickiness, and it removes cleanly for up to 21 days. Our tape for glass is also UV-resistant, which maintains the strength of the adhesion even in direct sunlight. If you need to apply strips to the exterior of a structure, you can rely on our tape to stay stuck right where you put it.

Top-Quality Glass Protection Film for Windows

Remodeling and renovation contractors need to be careful around existing windows so their customers don't have to deal with cleanup and damages. When it comes to painting inside walls or spraying coatings on the exterior of a structure, professionals can prevent any costly mistakes by applying our Window Protection Film.

This product features a strong polyethylene film with a self-adhesive coating. We make this product in a variety of widths, from 12 inches to 48 inches, to ensure most windows are covered efficiently. With 600 feet of film in every roll, there's plenty of glass protection film to guard homes and commercial properties from wind, stains, spills, and scratches. You can increase the confidence of your team as well as the property owners while you're working around the windows.

Our window protection films are designed to remove cleanly for up to 60 days. When the time comes to peel away the covering, there will be nothing but a crystal-clear view left behind.

Choose TapeManBlue for All Your Glass Protection Needs

With our products, you'll get exceptional adhesive quality without shattering your budget. We're committed to serving the needs of every customer — that includes contractors, industry professionals and homeowners like you. With a strong reputation for our painter's tape and other self-adhesive products, it's clear to see why we're the best supplier of glass protective films in the industry.

Place your order with us today and enjoy free shipping on all products. You can also get a discount for buying our tape in bulk for all the construction projects you handle.

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