Remodeling & Restoration

Remodeling and restoration work isn't easy when you don't have the right tools with you. You're also under pressure to get installations safely inside their new locations and leave the job as pristine as when you started it. 

At TapeManBlue, we carry only the most effective home restoration tapes and protective measures for tasks that require the best quality in adhesion. It's what your contracting team and your clients deserve — dependability from American-made products. See the remodeling solutions we offer below.

Superior Remodeling Tapes

We think nothing can top the utility of a great roll of tape. Before you give anything a fresh coat of paint or stain, apply our Blue Painter's Tape — it's engineered to remove cleanly, even for prolonged projects of up to 21 days. It safely adheres to every imaginable surface, from floor to ceiling, that needs protection during remodeling. That includes wood, metal, trim, tile and more.

For dealing with the toughest materials you can shift and reshape, there's Red Stucco Tape. This high-visibility polyethylene tape can apply to irregular surfaces like masonry, and has the heavy-duty capabilities to seam and patch, as well as bundle bulky materials together.

Both of these tape varieties can work for indoor and outdoor spaces because of their UV-protective coating, which maintains their adhesion in almost any environment. Best of all, they'll come off residue-free when you're done.

Reliable Protective Surface Films for Remodeling

Homeowners often focus on updating their kitchens. Protect the countertops you provide or renovate around from environmental damage and debris with Counter Protection Film, suitable for hard surfaces like granite, quartz and marble.

If your line of work involves setting up new HVAC ducts for a home or commercial building, ensure open units will arrive free of any dust, allergens or pollen with our Duct Protection Film. Many metal components for remodeling have to remain in flawless condition too. We designed our Stainless Steel Protection Film specifically for shielding #3 and #4 finishes from abrasions or corrosion.

If you're tackling window replacement, or just exercising caution around fragile glass, unroll and attach our Window Protection Film for remodeling. This protective sheet for glass offers an impenetrable defense against paint and overspraying, and it will peel away easily when the job is done.

Floor-Level Protection for Remodeling and Restoration

Floors are the first surface to bear the consequences of an accidental spill or fallen object. For safeguarding hardwood, tile or laminate, we offer Floor Protection Film that self-adheres and easily unwinds. Synthetic carpeting needs our Carpet Protection Film to prevent permanent stains and pesky dust problems. Our floor protective films for remodeling won't tear from a puncture, and their edge-to-edge adhesion keeps them stationary and free of hazardous creases.

It's common courtesy to your customers to leave dirt and mud outside the door. We help your workers clean off their boots with Sticky Mats, a clever way to trap moisture and particles by using disposable sheets.

TapeManBlue Saves You Time and Money

We want to help you secure satisfaction for your clients on every single job. TapeManBlue gives you the capability to apply precision remodeling protection. Our tools come at affordable prices, and we offer available bulk discounts and free ground shipping across the continental U.S. on every order.

If we can answer any of your questions about our products, simply contact us online!