At TapeManBlue, we recognize the painting industry's high demand for a quality adhesive brand. Anyone from the DIY painter to the large service team needs a tape or film that sticks reliably and comes off clean. Fortunately, we've delivered the perfect painting solutions right here in America, designing tapes that outperform other products in this market and overseas. Discover the benefits of our lineup below!

Get Professional and Affordable Painter's Tape from TapeManBlue

A roll of Blue Painter's Tape is the most dependable masking tool to have around. Our tape for painting can safely adhere to a countless variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, trim around doors and windows, and even existing paint on walls themselves. We offer varieties between 3/4 of an inch and 3 inches wide, giving you more precision with your brush or roller when working around corners and connections.

Our blue painter's tape can flexibly do it all, from creating straight, crisp stripes for surfaces to protecting the edge of the ceiling when painting walls, and with no residual mess afterward. We crafted this versatile product to lift away cleanly for up to 21 days. The UV-resistant coating allows you to use it in areas with constant sun exposure too, and it'll resist the time-wasting, costly issue of paint bleed.

Safeguard Every Surface From Drips With Protective Film

Any dribbles or a spilled can could be a danger to floors. We carry the most effective paint protection film you can utilize for every space. Our Floor Protection Film for hard surfaces will cover a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, tile and laminate. If your focus is figuring out how to protect carpet when painting walls, spread out a roll of our Carpet Protection Film, which is specially designed for use on synthetic material.

What's the benefit of our polyethylene protective films? You can roll them out with your feet and eliminate the need to spend time down on the floor before every project, taping down the edges of cloth or rosin paper. Our temporary self-adhesive films anchor themselves in place, yet won't damage the floor for up to 45 days. They also lie smooth, creating no ridges or creases to trip over, and resist tears and punctures.

For protecting windows and glass against drops or overspray, whether on the interior or exterior face, use TapeManBlue's Window Protection Film.

TapeManBlue Makes Painting a Breeze

Our products help homeowners and professional painters alike avoid having to scrub or start over. When you need to buy large quantities for big projects, TapeManBlue is your answer — we provide bulk discounts on large orders of our painter's tape so you have plenty of your go-to tool. Every order arrives fast with our free ground shipping across the continental U.S.

Shop now for the painting essentials your business needs for a job well done!