Protective Film for Plastic Surfaces

Temporary, Self-Adhesive Protective Film for Plastic Surfaces
  • Clear, self-adhesive protective film for plastics
  • 2.5 mils thick, medium tack adhesion
  • Removes cleanly for up to 45 days and leaves no residue behind
  • Made in the USA for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders
If you look around your workplace, you'll be sure to find a variety of appliances and electronics with plastic surfaces. Plastic is heavily used to manufacture consumer products, but the material is far from bulletproof. To protect molded containers and other property on the job site, you need a special protection film engineered for plastics.

TapeManBlue® protective film for plastic surfaces shields products from the time they are produced until they make their way to your customers. Reduce scratching and other damages using an American-made solution.

Versatile Protection Film for Plastics

Our surface protection film for plastic is suitable for all textures and finishes. Use our products for polycarbonates, acrylics and other plastic materials to keep items safe throughout stages of production. We provide protection film for plastic with a 2.5-mil thickness for outstanding adhesive strength. Our offerings work to keep products in a factory-fresh condition for customer satisfaction.

Shield Plastic Surfaces From the Unexpected

Our film makes it possible to block contaminants and sharp edges from interfering with the quality and appearance of plastic products. Rely on our surface protection film for plastic to defend against scratches, scuffs, and dirt!

The Benefits of TapeManBlue Protection Film for Plastic

Products made of plastic can be fragile. Ordering surface protection solutions from TapeManBlue is the ideal way to save time and money when packaging goods for distribution. Rest assured knowing your shipments can better absorb small impacts and guard against scratches on loading trucks, retail shelves and beyond. Competing products on the market have trouble sticking and lift prematurely, so we decided to reinvent the game with protective film for plastic surfaces that exceed your expectations for performance and security. Our films follow the contours of plastic surfaces and leave zero residue behind after removal. Take your packaging options to the next level with our user-friendly films ideal for projects large and small.

Competitive Prices on Surface Protection for Plastic

We separate ourselves from other providers by offering free shipping on all protection film orders. Plan for large rounds of production with the ability to order surface protection film for plastic in bulk quantities. We value our customers, so we're proud to provide bulk pricing discounts for incredible savings. Our team makes it simple to get the film materials you need to succeed without breaking the bank.