Window Protection Film


Temporary, Self-Adhesive Protective Film for Glass and Windows

  • Protects windows and glass from damage during construction
  • Blue, self-adhesive polyethylene film
  • Removes cleanly for 60 days
  • UV resistant for outdoor use
  • Made in the USA for quality you can trust
  • Reach out to us online for a custom bulk quote on pallet orders
window protection film for construction
At TapeManBlue, we know you can’t afford to damage your windows and other glass surfaces during construction and renovation. We also know that you’re tired of dealing with protective products that don’t provide the protection you need. That’s why we only offer American-made window protection film that surpasses the quality of other products on the market.
TapeManBlue Window Protection Film is a blue polyethylene film. The product sticks edge to edge of glass and/or trim, allowing the film to stay in place. While it has the tack necessary to get the job done, you can cleanly remove it for up to 60 days without damaging your window or leaving residue behind. The protective window film thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments.

TapeManBlue Window Protection Film Protects Against Mess

At TapeManBlue, our window protection film is incredibly versatile. Our customers often use these products for a range of applications, including protection against dirt, overspray, mortar stains, acid washings and a wide variety of other messes!

Professionals Use TapeManBlue Window Protection Film

You can use our blue window protection film for a wide variety of professional applications, including construction, renovation, restoration, maintenance, interior and exterior painting, door and window manufacturing, plastering, stucco, brick acid washing and much more.

High-Quality Glass Protection That Enhances Your Work

It’s important to find temporary glass protection that gets the job done, protecting against overspray and damage related to construction, renovation and painting projects. It’s also important to find window glass protection that removes easily without leaving a residue once the project is complete. At TapeManBlue, we offer bulk protection film that does both. When you choose our selection for window protection film during construction, you can rely on full protection during the project and easy removal afterward.
window protection film

Size Options to Fit Your Application

You don’t have to settle for a single size when you choose construction window protection film from TapeManBlue. We offer a range of different sizes so that you can choose what works best. You'll find rolls in the following sizes:
  • 12-inch by 200-foot
  • 21-inch by 600-foot
  • 24-inch by 200-foot or 600 foot
  • 36-inch by 200-foot or 600 foot
  • 48-inch by 200-foot or 600 foot
No matter the nature of your renovation, construction or painting project, you can find the right size window protection tape in our inventory.

Discover the Affordable Solution

While it's easy to find cheap window protection film for construction that’s manufactured overseas, these cheap solutions often fail to provide the durable performance that’s needed during construction projects. You can also find bulk window protection film made in the United States, but these products are often much more expensive than alternatives.

At TapeManBlue, we provide access to U.S.-made, blue self-adhesive protection film that is both high in quality and low in cost. We keep our operations lean with little overhead so that we can pass savings along to you, the customer. As an additional bonus, we offer free shipping on all orders in the continental United States. Get the quality and affordability you want in bulk window protection film when you choose TapeManBlue.

How to Use Window Protection Film in 5 Easy Steps

Self-adhesive window protection film from TapeManBlue® is easy to use on any glass surface. Use our plastic film to protect windows of any size or shape. Getting started is easy — just follow these five steps:
  1. Clean the window: Cleaning the surface will reduce the chances of debris interfering with the film's hold. Clean your windows using a mixture of baby shampoo and bottled water with a ratio of one teaspoon of shampoo per gallon of water. Spray the window with the solution and wipe with a cloth, scraping away any grime. Then, spray the window a second time, wipe it with a squeegee and dry with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Unroll and apply the film: Press the adhesive side of the film against the top of the window. Work from top to bottom and press the film along the entire surface. You will unroll the film and apply pressure as you go.
  3. Work out the bubbles: After applying the film, spray it with the cleaning solution once more and push out air pockets with your hand or a squeegee. Work from the top down, then from the center to each side. Continue to spray the film with the cleaning solution throughout this process. Remove excess moisture when you finish. You do not have to remove all of the air bubbles for the film to stay in place.
  4. Cut the film with a razor: Use a blade to trim any excess film along the edges of the window. You'll want to apply just enough pressure to cut through the film without leaving marks on window glass.
  5. Write the date on the film: The window protection film must be removed within 60 days. TapeManBlue recommends writing the date you applied the product on the corner of the film as a friendly reminder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about protective film for glass windows from TapeManBlue®? Check out the answers to a few of our frequently asked questions.

Does This Window Film Protect Against Paint and Other Surface Debris?

Yes, our protective film sticks to windows to prevent dirt, dust, debris, paint and overspray from passing through.

How Do You Remove Window Protection Film?

Our protective film peels off for residue-free removal within 60 days of application. Using a razor edge can make the process even easier.

Will Window Film Leave Residue on the Window?

Within 60 days, no! While there may be some residue leftover after 60 days, removal is easy with rubbing alcohol.

How Thick Is the Window Protection Film?

Our product has a thickness of 1.5 mils for diverse applications. Apply and remove the film without special tools.

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