Blue Painter's Tape

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Blue Painter's Tape in Bulk | Made in the USA | Free Shipping
  • Multi-use crepe paper blue painter's tape with medium tack adhesive
  • Removes cleanly and easily for up to 21 days, leaving no residue behind
  • UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in various widths: ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch
  • Comparable to 3M ScotchBlue 2090 in technical specifications
  • Wholesale and bulk quantity discounts, starting at orders of 6 cases
  • Made in America for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders

At TapeManBlue®, we know you don’t have the time to scrub adhesive off your surface, re-tape an entire job because the first batch you applied didn't stick or spend lots of valuable time touching up bleeding edges. Those are the most common disappointments when someone chooses low-quality blue masking tape for painting. That’s why we provide an American-made painter’s tape, that far surpasses the quality of the other products on the market. When you choose to buy our painter’s tape wholesale, you’re choosing to skip the frustrations that so many painters and do-it-yourself enthusiasts experience on projects large and small.
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Blue Painter's Tape You Can Trust

TapeManBlue® Painter’s Tape is a multi-use tape featuring a specially-formulated, medium tack adhesive. This gives the tape the adhesion strength it needs to adhere to your surface and minimize paint bleeding, but still allows for clean removal for up to 21 days. Our painter's tape will remain on the wall for the duration of the job, but when removed, your surface will be damage free and clear of residue. And that’s perhaps the greatest benefit of finding a quality blue tape for painting — you’re able to make an improvement to your home or another space without creating damage in the process.

TapeManBlue® blue masking tape is also UV resistant, so it is perfect for both interior and exterior use. You can choose to buy our painter's tape in bulk in various sizes. It is available in ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, and 4" widths, and all rolls are 60 yards in length. At TapeManBlue®, we understand that different painting jobs have unique conditions, and they each deserve a unique solution when it comes to blue painter’s tape. We strive to ensure you always have access to the exact painter’s tape type and width you need for your next project.

Purchase blue painter’s tape by the case to ensure you never run out in the middle of a project! While we offer a high-quality product that’s made in the United States, we price it at competitive rates to ensure our tape brings value to your project, your home or your business. And, best of all, the more blue painter's tape you purchase from TapeManBlue® by the case, the lower the price for each roll. Don’t just take our word for it, though — you can learn a lot about our products by looking at the number of customers we’ve served through the years. We've sold blue tape in bulk to thousands of people like you since 2006, and our quantity of repeat customers proves the success of our product. Let TapeManBlue® be the place you shop for blue masking tape.
Various Widths to Fit Your Unique Application
Painter's Tape Made in the USA for Guaranteed Quality

Blue Painter's Tape Uses:

Painter's tape is most often used on moldings attached to interior walls, but it can be used on a variety of surfaces, from delicate to hardy.
What can you do with our blue painter’s tape? The following applications are ideal for TapeManBlue® Painter’s Tape:
  • Walls: When you’re painting trim or other surfaces adjacent to walls, protect the walls and their own paint color by using our blue adhesive tape. Our painter’s tape produces clean paint lines when painting next to other colors or creating designs.
  • Trim: Likewise, when you’re painting walls and need to protect trim and its own color, use our blue tape for trim.
  • Woodwork: Woodwork can be easily damaged. Make sure sensitive woodwork is fully protected by choosing our blue painter's tape. From painting to staining, we have you covered.
  • Hardwood floors: Similar to woodwork, hardwood floors represent a significant investment — one that is best protected by our blue painter's tape during painting projects.
  • Tile: Tile and other flooring materials are also fully protected during paint jobs when you buy blue painter’s tape from TapeManBlue®.
  • Glass: You may have glass near a surface where you’re painting. Use different blue painter’s tape sizes to ensure the glass remains free from damage.
  • Windows: Buying blue painter’s tape allows you to protect windows and window panes and frames, too, during projects of all kinds.
  • Doors: Using blue painter’s tape also gives you plenty of freedom to edge doors and protect their paint colors during projects.
  • Other: We have heard of a variety of interesting uses of painters tape from past clients, such as vinyl, metal and beyond. When you leave a review, tell us the "outside the box" ways you use painters tape.
Some painter's tape can even be used for exterior painting projects. Be careful, though. When taping off rough or uneven surfaces, there could be gaps in the tape's seal — meaning it won't be able to fully protect these surfaces from paint. For rough, uneven surfaces, our green painter’s tape is the best choice.

Remember, you can get creative with how you use painter's tape. Most people think of painter's tape as a handy tool for protecting moldings when they're painting walls — and it is certainly that — but it can also be used in other ways. For example, you can use painter's tape to create geometric patterns on an accent wall in your home or to create a striped border on a tabletop. The possibilities are endless.
Professionals use TapeManBlue® Painter’s Tape in various industries, including:
Painting, flooring, construction, remodeling, restoration, glassworks, granite & marble, sign making, retail, education, and governmental offices.

When purchasing cases of blue painter's tape from, you'll pay only $104.90/case when you order six or more cases. Buying blue painter’s tape represents significant savings compared to other sources. For example, at major home improvement stores or other online distributors, you will pay over $200.00/case for the same amount of tape! Get an amazing product and save yourself significant money when you choose wholesale blue painter’s tape available by the case from TapeManBlue®.

TapeManBlue® offers FREE ground shipping on all orders in the continental United States. There are 48 cases of blue tape on a pallet.

Common Questions About Blue Painter's Tape

What’s the Difference Between Masking Tape and Painter’s Tape?

Masking tape is intended for the same purpose as painter's tape. However, blue painter's tape, which may also be called blue masking tape for painting, is created to excel where masking tape falls short.

What is the Difference Between Blue and Green Painter’s Tape?

The difference between blue and green painter’s tape is in the adhesive. Green painter’s tape is extra strength, while blue painter’s tape provides standard strength. In many cases, blue painter’s tape is all you need. For extremely rough or uneven surfaces, green painter’s tape may work better due to the stronger adhesive. But buyers beware—green painter’s tape may prove too strong and result in the surface you taped over being pulled up. Our recommendation when choosing between colors of painter’s tape is to stick with blue tape unless your situation truly demands extra strength!

Is Blue Painter’s Tape Waterproof?

Blue painter's tape is typically not waterproof, which isn't really an issue when you're working indoors. However, that doesn't mean water-based paints, like acrylics or latex paints, will seep through. Painter's tape will keep these, as well as oil-based paints from seeping through.

When Do You Remove Painter’s Tape?

It's crucial that you pull off the painter’s tape at the right time — not too soon and not too late — so it pulls off smoothly, leaving a clean line behind. Removing the tape too soon can cause the paint to chip, and waiting too long can cause the adhesive to remain stuck to the woodwork. The rule of thumb is to wait until the paint feels dry. Drying time will depend on the paint you use, so read the label to see how long you should wait for your paint to dry.
In most cases, it will be at least an hour. If the paint still feels gummy when you touch it, it's too soon to pull off the painter’s tape. You may want to wait several hours or overnight to be safe. Just make sure you don't leave the tape on for too long or it may bond too strongly with the surface it's on, making it more difficult to remove.

Does Blue Painter’s Tape Leave a Residue?

In short, no. One of the things that sets blue painter's tape apart from other types of tape is that it does not leave a sticky residue behind when you pull it off. However, most blue tape for painters will adhere more strongly after a certain amount of time, so if you wait too long to remove it, you will have to work harder to get it off and will likely be left with a sticky residue.
Our blue painter's tape is designed so that you can remove it up to 21 days after applying it, which gives a huge margin so you don't have to worry about your tape getting stuck to the surface it's on and leaving a residue.

How Do You Get Painter's Tape off When Painting?

Blue painter's tape is made to pull up easily when your paint is dry. This is the goal for all painter's tape when painting, but when working with other brands, you may run into situations where the tape is stuck and seems to be in danger of pulling the paint up with it if you were to pull it off. This can happen with any painter's tape if you apply too thick of a layer of paint over the tape.
If this happens, the simple solution to get painter’s tape off is to run a razor blade along the edge of the tape to score it. Then, you can pull the tape off the surface without worrying about taking your paint with it.

How Long Should Paint Dry Before Applying Tape?

This question comes into play when you're painting adjacent surfaces. For instance, if you're painting the ceiling and the walls or the baseboards and the walls, you'll need to tackle one of these first and allow it to dry completely before painting the other surface. This is so that you can apply painter's tape to the surface you painted first.
So, let's say you paint your ceiling. You'll want to wait at least 24 hours so it can dry completely before you apply painter's tape to the ceiling edge so you can paint the wall. Applying painter's tape to a surface that hasn't fully dried could mess up your results, so when in doubt, give it a little extra time.

If you have any questions about our blue painter's tape, contact our customer service team!

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