Carpet Protection Film

Temporary, Self-Adhesive Carpet Protector Film | Made in the USA
  • Clear, self-adhesive carpet protection film
  • 45-day clean removal
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Keep Construction Clean

One of the toughest aspects of construction and renovation projects is the collateral damage that is too often incurred. Not to mention the time it takes to clean and remove dirt from the carpet. If a carpet gets stained or otherwise damaged during the course of work, the cost of a carpet cleaner and an unhappy customer far outweighs the cost of carpet protection film.

At TapeManBlue, we know you can’t afford to damage your carpets during construction and renovation. We also know that you’re tired of the hassle of drop cloths, plastic tarps, and carpet protection tapes that simply just don’t stick. These traditional solutions are often far more trouble than they are worth, which is why it’s so nice to finally have an alternative that brings value to your painting jobs. At TapeManBlue, we provide an American made carpet protection film that far surpasses the quality of the other products on the market.

Carpet Protection Film Product Description:

TapeManBlue Carpet Protection Film is a polyethylene film coated with removable adhesive. This plastic carpet protector sticks edge to edge, allowing the product to stay in place and eliminating the creases and tripping hazards that are so typical of competitive products. No longer do you have to spend a disproportionate amount of your prep time wrestling with drop cloths or plastic sheets. While our carpet protection tape film has the grab necessary to get the job done, it can be cleanly removed for up to 45 days without damaging your rug. This design aspect of our adhesive carpet protector brings an enormous amount of flexibility and value to your work. You can use this plastic wrap for carpet to fully cover important surfaces for long-term projects, keeping carpets and other materials clean and protected during painting and other construction and renovation tasks. You can even use our sticky back plastic for carpets to create safe walkways for workers who might have dirty shoes. The material is highly resistant to tearing and puncturing from sharp items such as tools or high heel shoes. In short, our carpet protection film rolls are the ideal protective solution when you’re working and need to protect carpeted surfaces.
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Self-Adhesive Carpet Film Uses:

What else can you use our self-adhesive carpet film for? TapeManBlue Carpet Protection Film is perfect for protecting against:
  • Dirt: Large-scale construction work often includes on sight dirt, soil and sawdust. If you are not careful, that dirt can find its way inside and onto your valuable carpet or worse, your client's carpet. Our carpet protection tape prevents dirt from finding its way onto your carpets.
  • Dust: Whether a team is replacing tile or ripping off a popcorn ceiling, it’s not uncommon for construction and renovation work to create a lot of dust. The last thing you want is for that dust to settle onto and into carpets. Using our temporary carpet protection film solutions ensure the dust gathers in a safe place for removal rather than settling into carpets.
  • Foot traffic: Construction work often involves the dirty shoes of workers walking over surfaces of all kinds, carpet included. By using our sticky plastic carpet protector, you can create safe-to-walk pathways or simply protect areas that are most heavily trafficked.
  • Paint spills: One of the most popular applications is protection during painting jobs. A plastic cover for carpet protection can prevent any stains or related damage associated with drips and other overruns.
  • Construction debris: So much goes on during significant construction and home renovations. You never know what type of debris might be inside the structure where it can pose a threat to carpets and other surfaces. When you use protective film solutions from TapeManBlue, your project can move forward without any unwanted damage to those surfaces.
And a wide variety of other messes!

Professionals use TapeManBlue Carpet Protection Film for various applications, including:
Construction, remodeling, renovation, restoration, painting, maintenance, model homes & vehicles, showrooms, open houses, parties, RVs, and much more

This carpet protection film is designed for use on synthetic carpeting, not for use on natural fibers or other flooring. It should not be used on freshly cleaned carpet.

Otherwise, take advantage of carpet plastic protection film to ensure there’s no collateral damage as you take on jobs or start do-it-yourself projects. Carpet protector film can be an invaluable tool as you complete your work, helping you to work more efficiently and with greater confidence. When you need the best plastic carpet cover roll, choose TapeManBlue. You'll find high-quality products made in the United States at affordable prices.

Helpful Resources:
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