Stainless Steel Protection Film

Temporary, Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Protection Film
  • Clear, self-adhesive protective film for #3 or #4 stainless steel
  • 2.5 mils thick, medium tack adhesion
  • Removes cleanly for up to 45 days and leaves no residue behind
  • Made in the USA for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders

TapeManBlue Stainless Steel Protection Film

Do you need quality protection for your stainless steel products? Turn to TapeManBlue. Our surface protection film has your stainless steel covered and protected from nicks, scratches, blemishes and rust. Ensure your stainless steel keeps its factory-fresh finish during projects or moves by using high-quality protective film.

Our self-adhesive film for stainless steel is designed specifically for No. 3 semi-polished or No. 4 brushed/satin stainless steel. This film will help protect those finishes from being marred by outside hazards during shipping, installation or construction.

Jagged edges, gritty surfaces and pointy objects can all cause damage to stainless steel. Because the cost of fixing or refinishing stainless steel can be costly, it pays to use an effective form of prevention. Our stainless steel protection film is the ideal preventative measure. It absorbs the scratches and dings that can occur in the transportation process or during projects. Plus, it can be applied to the surface of steel without causing damage. Then, remove it easily without leaving any residue.

At TapeManBlue, stainless steel film is just one of the many products we have in store. We offer bulk surface protection films for floors, carpeting, countertops and more. Check out more of our surface protection products.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Protection Film

Buying protective films can be a hassle, especially since you have a number of options. When buying surface films from overseas, you'll find that some just won't stick, while others can be a pain to remove. That's why our surface protection film for stainless steel is made in the U.S.A. for quality you can trust. This protective film holds strong and removes easily, leaving no sticky residue behind on your metal. Additional benefits of our stainless steel protection film include:
  • Ease of application: Clear, self-adhesive protective film is easy to apply.
  • 2.5 mils thick: Thick enough to protect against scrapes and scratches.
  • Medium tack adhesion: Sticks to the surfaces just right. Doesn't slide off, doesn't get stuck on.
  • Made in the U.S.A: Reliable quality, guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stainless Steel Protection Film

We have gathered answers to some common questions about our stainless steel protective film.

How Do You Remove Stainless Steel Protection Film?

Stainless steel protective film adheres securely to surfaces and removes easily. We know you will need to remove the film after using it, and we want that to be as easy as possible. You don't need any special equipment to remove the tape — pull it off, and it will peel up quickly. You can use a razor blade to loosen a corner of the film to start, then pull off the rest.

Will the Film Leave Residue Behind on the Surface?

When you follow the directions for using our metal protection film, it leaves behind a clean surface. You can pull off the film for up to 45 days after application with no residue or damage. The surface where you put the tape will feel as smooth and residue-free as before you affixed the tape. You won't be able to tell that the stainless steel protection film was there.

Why Should I Use Stainless Steel Protection Film?

One of the greatest benefits of using stainless steel protection film is peace of mind. When you need to ship something, you want to know it will stay protected on its journey. You can affix stainless steel protective film to your equipment or merchandise and feel confident it will remain in good shape.

The film's unique form protects against scratches, mess and more. The high degree of durability works with a variety of products. Our tape can also protect surfaces during construction and other situations where you have installed a stainless steel surface, but surrounding movement and objects could cause damage.

How to Use Stainless Steel Protection Film

Utilizing stainless steel protection film is simple. You can use an applicator to install the stainless steel protection film if you need to put it on a large surface, or you can use your hand and leverage your own pressure for a smaller area.

Follow these steps for proper installation:
  1. Unroll the film and put about half a foot on the edge of the surface where you want to apply it. Push down on it firmly with your hand or applicator.
  2. Keep applying 6-inch sections to the remainder of what you want to be taped up, continuing to add firm pressure.
  3. Use a razor or sharp knife to cut the film when you have finished the covering.
  4. Grab a permanent marker and write the date of application on the film so you can track when it was applied.
  5. Within 45 days of application, remove the protective film from the stainless steel.