Toilet Wrap - Protective Cover Film for Out-of-Order Toilets & Urinals


Use urinal cover film to close toilets during maintenance or to promote social distancing.

  • 24 inch x 200 foot roll
  • Temporary, self-adhesive film for out-of-order toilets and urinals 
  • One roll covers approximately 80 standard-size urinals 
  • Removes cleanly and leaves no residue behind
  • Easy to unroll and install
  • Made in America for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders

TapeManBlue® Toilet Wrap is a simple solution to cover urinals while out of order. Whether the fixture is closed for maintenance or for social distancing, Toilet Wrap will protect the surface and ensure a clean & professional look in your restroom.

Urinal cover film is the perfect solution to promote social distancing in an aesthetic and affordable way during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is popular among:

  • Stadiums and event venues
  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping malls and retail stores
  • Casinos, hotels, and resorts
  • Convention centers and offices
  • Churches and synagogues
  • Schools and universities 

TapeManBlue® Toilet Wrap for Out-of-Order Urinals

If you need a quick solution to easily seal off toilets, urinals, or sinks, this is the perfect product for you! Everywhere from restaurants and malls to sports stadiums and movie theaters need to have a plan in place if they need to close off a toilet. This adhesive film will stick to the surface of any toilet, allowing you to close off a urinal without hassle.

Having this capability is extremely helpful when you need to close off an out-of-order toilet immediately or if you need to create space to enforce social distancing in public restrooms. This will be very beneficial for companies that need to enforce social distancing during the pandemic. Covering up urinals or sinks is a great way to keep people from crowding together, forcing them to keep a further distance from each other.

Avoid Messy and Ineffective Urinal Covers!

out of order urinal covers

The Advantage of Adhesive Film

Once you realize how easy it is to apply our adhesive film, you’ll never go back! All you have to do is fit a piece of film to the size of the fixture and press down on the edges where it makes contact. Once you have pressed down all around the outside of the film, it is locked in place; that’s all you have to do! Oddly shaped fixtures are no problem because the film adapts to the shape of whatever surface you stick it to. Even jagged edges and pipes aren’t an issue. To remove it, just grab a corner and pull. Toilet Wrap will come off cleanly, leaving no adhesive residue behind.

This will ultimately make everyone's job easier because you just need to follow these simple steps once, then your out of order fixture is locked off for up to 45 days! Not only is it affordable and easy to use, it is also much more aesthetically pleasing than other plastic alternatives. Instead of looking like you taped a plastic bag to the wall, this will give a more professional look compared to jerry-rigged solutions. Visitors will appreciate the steps you take to keep things clean and simple. Once you have attached to the out of order urinal cover, you can add any sort of adhesive label directly to the film to signal to visitors that the fixture is not currently in service.
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Perfect for Social Distancing at Urinals

The COVID-19 pandemic created an entirely new environment for businesses. In order to operate safely, companies need to implement social distancing practices and design their environments for minimal contact and interaction among customers and employees. This includes their bathrooms. Urinal cover film is the simplest solution for covering urinals to promote social distancing. Once you cover every other fixture, the restroom can be safely used.

The Attractive and Affordable Toilet Cover Solution

At TapeManBlue, we do everything we can to keep costs down for our customers: from providing free shipping to offering bulk discounts. However, one area that we don’t hold back on is quality. This high performing, 2.5 mils thick urinal wrap adhesive film is sturdy enough to stand the test of time. Sticky enough to cling to an out of order fixture but not so sticky that it doesn’t remove easily, this adhesive toilet wrap gives you the perfect balance.

Each roll of urinal wrap cover film is 200 feet long, covering approximately eighty standard-sized urinal fixtures. This means that each installation costs under $0.63! Other toilet covers, such as Jani Wrap, sell for $1.66 per application. That's almost three times the price per toilet! Urinal cover bags, such as JohnnyCovers, often sell north of $4.00 per bag. Again, both of these products far exceed the per-urinal cost of TapeManBlue Toilet Wrap.

In addition to offering high quality supplies and free shipping, our surface protection films are all manufactured right here in the United States with domestic materials. Working with TapeManBlue products just makes sense!
made in America

Urinal Covers Proudly Made in America

Now more than ever, American-made products are in-demand. TapeManBlue's Toilet Wrap is made in America with 100% American-made materials. Our production facility is sanitary and is practicing strict social distancing.

U.S. production guarantees your product will perform well and that you'll receive it quickly. Other urinal cover providers are struggling to import cover film from China in these challenging circumstances. You can feel good about your purchase of this urinal cover knowing that it is safe for you to use and is providing jobs to hardworking Americans.

Trust TapeManBlue® for Your Urinal Cover Needs

You won’t find a better combination of quality, price, and customer satisfaction on the market today! At TapeManBlue, we believe in going above and beyond for our customers, and we want to build long term working relationships that are mutually beneficial. Whether you are a professional or just getting started, we can help you finish your projects at a price that excites.

Our team is here to help you and your business find the solutions you need in this crisis. If you're looking to mark toilets and urinals as out of order/out of service for social distancing, we're confident our Toilet Wrap is the product for you. Looking to buy urinal cover film in bulk? The 24" x 200' product has 90 rolls per pallet.