Greenhouse Poly Patch Tape Technical Data Sheet

Product Description:

 TapeManBlue's Greenhouse Poly Patch Tape is used for greenhouse repairs and other outdoor issues that require tape that can last outside for a long time. It is a heavy duty, clear tape designed for general purpose indoor and outdoor use. The film, which contains a UVI additive, along with the water-based acrylic adhesive system combine to make the tape ideal for greenhouse patchwork, seaming, splicing and heavy bundling. You can purchase the greenhouse patch tape here.


Product Properties & Characteristics - Nominal Results:

Adhesion to Steel: 
PSTC 101 (oz/in)

30.0 to 40.0

Tensile Strength: 
PSTC 131 lb/sq in


Elongation (%): 
PSTC 131


PSTC 133 (nominal)

5 mills

The values listed above are averages determined by standard production testing procedures. The suitability for use shall be determined by the user for the particular application.


Limitations of Warranty: Seller warrants to customers that coated products delivered by Seller to be free of defects in workmanship and to meet the specifications published, which are available upon request. For a period of six (6) months from date of delivery and in the event product proved to be defective, the excluding solution, at Seller’s option, shall be a) refund the purchase price b) repair or c) replace the defective product. No acceptance or responsibility for loss, or expense, implied or otherwise, shall be assumed by seller or manufacturer. User assumes all risk and liability in connection herewith. This stated Warranty & Limitation of Liability can only be changed through a written agreement by an authorized officer of company.