Countertop Protection Film


Countertop Protection Film | Protective Film for Granite, Marble, and Quartz 

  • Protects granite, marble, quartz, laminate, and other hard surfaces
  • Clear, 2.5 mil thick self-adhesive film with medium tack adhesive
  • Removes cleanly for 45 days and leaves no residue behind
  • Easy to unwind and install
  • Made in America for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders


countertop protection film

TapeManBlue® Countertop Protection Film

Are you searching for the best protective film for countertops at prices that offer real value? TapeManBlue® countertop protection film is perfect for protecting against scratches, stains, dirt, dust, paint spills, construction debris, and a wide variety of other messes! Make sure your countertops remain pristine during transit and during construction projects when you choose countertop protection film from TapeManBlue®.
Our protective film for countertops is a self-adhesive, temporary protection film designed for all countertops. While our counter protection film is incredibly versatile, it’s often used for a specific set of applications. It is used to protect marble and granite pieces from damage during storage and transportation. It is also used during construction, renovation and painting projects where the countertops need to be protected from dust, overspray and other things that can cause damage during a project. Our wholesale counter protection film can be safely applied to the surface without damaging the counter or leaving any residue behind when removed.

Counter protection film from TapeManBlue® is just one of our many surface protection products. We also provide products that protect carpets, floorings, windows and other surfaces. Check out our larger selection of surface protection products to get what you need for upcoming projects.

How to Use Counter Protection Film

Protective counter film from TapeManBlue is the ideal protection solution for any construction or renovation project. Our counter protection film is cost-efficient, easy to use and highly effective at preventing damage to countertops while you work. Follow these steps to apply our protective film for counters:
  1. Clean the countertop surface: Wipe down the surface to ensure a tight seal. For the best results, clean the surface with soapy water and/or your normal counter cleaning solution. Ensure the counter is ccompletely dry before moving to the next step.
  2. Unroll the counter film and apply: After the surface is clean and dry, unroll the protective film over the countertop. Apply pressure close to the roll to ensure the film lays flat as you roll it out.
  3. Work out the air bubbles: There may be air bubbles leftover after applying the film, so continue to smooth the surface until most of the air pockets disappear. Make sure the film stays in place on its own.
  4. Cut the countertop film to size: Guide a razor blade near the outside edges of the countertop to eliminate excess material. Be careful not to press the blade directly into your countertop surface. Discard the extra film.
  5. Write down the date: Your counter protection film should be removed within 45 days. Use a marker to record the date on the film surface. This will help you remember how many days have passed since attaching the film.
  6. Remove the film: When the project is complete, remove the film. Simply dislodge a corner using your fingers or a razor edge, then peel. Our film is easy to remove without leaving residue up to 45 days from application.

Get the Quality You Deserve

We know you can’t afford to damage your counters during delivery and installation. We also know that you’re tired of the hassle of surface protection tapes that simply just don’t stick. That’s why we provide an American-made countertop protection film that surpasses the quality of other products on the market.

We choose to offer nothing but bulk countertop film and similar products of the highest quality, because that’s the best way to ensure you can do your best work. When you choose wholesale countertop film from TapeManBlue®, you can rest assured you’re getting the performance and durability you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Counter protection film from TapeManBlue is cost-effective and easy to use during your remodeling or construction project. If you're considering using our protective film for counters, here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you understand our product.

How Do You Remove Counter Protection Film?

Our counter protective film peels off easily when the job is complete. Use a razor blade or another thin object to dislodge a corner and peel it from the countertop.

Will There Be Residue Left on the Counter?

Our counter protective film peels off easily when the job is complete. Use a razor blade or another thin object to dislodge a corner and peel it from the countertop.

I Left My Film on Beyond 45 Days and There's Residue; How Should I Remove It?

You can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to lift adhesive residues. Wipe the counter surface dry once complete. You may have to repeat this process more than once based on how long the protective counter film was in place.

What Does TapeManBlue Counter Film Protect Against?

You can use protective counter film to defend against liquid spills, paint, dust, dirt and debris.

What Types of Surfaces Can I Use the Film on?

TapeManBlue protective counter film can be used on a variety of hard surfaces, including:
  • Granite
  • Laminate
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Any other hard surface

How Many Rolls of Counter Film are on a Pallet?

  • 24 inch x 200 feet - 180 rolls per pallet
  • 24 inch x 600 feet - 112 rolls per pallet
  • 30 inch x 600 feet - 56 rolls per pallet

What Is the Benefit of Using Counter Protection Film?

Counter protection film is a must-have for construction and renovation projects where the counter is already in place. Our film protects against dust and debris during construction or renovation projects so countertops stay clean and safe. This film is easy to use and remove. We also produce our film with low overhead costs for the most competitive prices and quality on the market.

Save on Protective Film for Countertops

It’s easy to find cheap countertop protection film from overseas. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for with these solutions, and they often fail to provide the protection and performance you need out of marble, granite and other countertop surface protection film. You can find products of higher quality made in the United States, but you’ll pay a premium for domestic products.

At TapeManBlue, we take a different approach. We offer high-quality counter protection film that is made in the United States, but we offer it at affordable prices. We run our operations lean and with little overhead so that we can pass along the savings. As an added money-saver, we offer free shipping on all orders in the continental United States.

Choose TapeManBlue and Get Your Job Done Right

Granite and marble countertop protection film can be used in so many different ways. But it’s only effective at protecting your countertops if you choose a quality product from a trusted provider. TapeManBlue is that trusted provider. You'll find quality products for many companies in the marble and granite countertop industry. Our selection includes products that go on easily and are also simple to remove without leaving residue behind when you're finished. This allows you to do your best work and to do it as efficiently as possible.

We also offer everyday low pricing on protective film for countertops that you won’t find elsewhere. When you choose countertop protection film from TapeManBlue, you get real value for your investment. Not to mention our free shipping on all orders in the continental United States, which gives you even more for your money.

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