The Top 75 Must-Read Construction Blogs of 2021

Whether you need tips and tricks, inspiration, or even just want to see what the people at the top of your field are working on, the perfect place to start is a blog; a well crafted, professional blog can be an awesome resource! 

Unfortunately, there are just so many blogs out there, it can be hard to sift them all to find the ones that are truly helpful. 

If you are looking for a great list of construction blogs about anything from home building and renovation to painting and interior design, then this is the place for you.

Here is a comprehensive list of our favorite construction blogs of 2021!

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Home Building Blogs

The BuilderOnline blog is a massive database of information for home builders that provides articles and insights about designing, building, and financing new homes! The incredible scale of the website allows you to easily locate information on the topic you are curious about. They are constantly posting new articles and sharing content from experts, so BuilderOnline is definitely worth following! 


Houzz blog page

The ideabooks provided by Houzz are great resources for homebuilders who are in need of inspiration. Serving as a platform for great builders, designers, and remodelers to share their ideas, Houzz showcases articles on a host of subjects. Most Houzz articles typically have a good number of comments underneath, so you can bounce your thoughts off of other professionals who are engaging with the same content.

Caroline on Design

Caroline on Design blog page

The blog at Caroline on Design is the ultimate stop for people looking to build a custom home. The articles go in-depth to the custom home building process, giving detailed advice on planning, design, and building. In these articles, you won’t be lied to about how easy it is to build a custom home; there are many explanations about the challenges that custom home builders face. However, there is just as much detailing the extreme satisfaction and enjoyment that can come from building custom. 


Design Blendz blog page

Design, 3D visualization, and architectural ideation are the bread and butter of Designblendz’ blog. They cover a range of topics, including architecture, construction, and 3D rendering. Posts on their blog are in depth and frequent, so they are worth looking through and following. If you are looking for content that will inspire you to bring your building company into the 21st century, Designblendz is a great place to start!

Colby Construction

Colby construction blog page

The Colby Construction blog showcases some amazing ways that you can build a custom home to meet your needs in creative ways. Whether you want a home office, a home gym, or a space to entertain kids during winter, their blog has it all! This blog is great for people who want to build a custom home AND for professional builders who need inspiration for how to meet a client’s needs!

Estes Builders

Estes builders blog page

The Estes Building group maintains a blog that mixes both home building techniques and inspiration with local building information. Updated fairly regularly, their blog is a must for any home builders (or hopeful home builders) who reside in the North West US. A great article to start with is their 4 steps to building a custom home article. An aspect of their blog that is particularly helpful is their budgeting content, as that can help you get a realistic idea of what a custom home could cost you. 

American Classic Homes

American Classic Homes has a deep backlog of helpful articles that are well written and informative. They typically cover more general questions, but other times they narrow in on a specific topic and provide very detailed information about it. With a long list of topics to pick from, you are likely to find the information that you seek. Check out their new homes category to find a host of articles about homebuilding and homeownership!

Alford Homes

The Alford Homes blog is a great stop for your home building needs. This award winning blog is chock full of appealing content that will give you ideas and building inspiration. As accomplished home builders, their knowledge and insights are very helpful for people who are just starting or need a jumpstart! Check out their blog to find intriguing articles about home building. 

Red Leaf Building Company

The Red Leaf Building blog is a great place to go if you need to be informed about the process of building a new home. While it is still a relatively young blog, it is full of helpful lists and articles that can be great assets to new home builders. We are excited to see how this blog continues to grow because it is very informative, well written, and visually pleasing. If you need even more inspiration, check out their gallery for all kinds of great home design pictures. 

Homes To Love

Homes to love is a New Zealand based blog that covers the gamut of home building needs. They showcase exceptional houses, provide expert opinions, and create inspiration articles. Their experts cover everything from architecture to interior design, so most construction topics should be easy to find. Additionally, the website features incredible photography that truly makes their example homes pop off the screen!

Painting Blogs

Painters Inc

The Painters Inc blog is truly a great place for all professional or DIY painters to visit for tips about painting. This blog is updated regularly, providing timely content that can apply to the current season. With specialties in commercial and industrial painting, they have qualified insider knowledge that can help you make the most out of your painting project. Whether you're a painter, need painting, or need inspiration, this is an awesome blog to look into!

The Painting Company

The Painting Company blog has a top-tier backlog of helpful painting content. With over 100 posts, each just as professionally made as the last, it is an incredible resource for all painters! If you need tips for how to paint a kitchen, an office, an exterior, moulding, a door, or another project, then this is the place for you! Specializing in both residential and commercial painting, they have a little something for everyone.

DANCO Commercial Painters

This blog is an incredible place for people to look if they are commercial painters or in need of commercial painters. DANCO does a great job of signifying the importance of working with professional painters, especially for commercial work. First impressions with a business are extremely important, and a poorly done paint job can put a bad taste in a potential customer's mouth. Check out the DANCO blog today to learn from their painting experts!

Major Painting

Major Painting’s blog is truly massive. Dating all the way back to 2015, they have been posting frequently for years! You can sort through the different categories of blog posts, including painting tips, commercial painting, DIY painting, and more. With hundreds of blogs at your disposal on an array of topics, you will definitely be able to track down what you need for your painting project. 

Custom Coatings Inc

Custom Coatings Inc is a great resource for any commercial / industrial painters or anyone who is looking for professional painting recommendations. Specializing in exteriors and concrete floor finishing, these experts cover everything from safety to application tips. Their easily navigable categories helps you zero in on the exact content you are looking for. 

Smith Pro Commercial Painting

This blog is an incredible and up-to-date source for industrial painting! Whether they are giving tips for how to paint a large building for an especially hot summer or how to maintain a building that has been cleared out because of a pandemic, Smith Pro Commercial Painting gives excellent tips and ideas for painters who are trying to keep up with the times. 

Horner Painting

For residential painters, Horner Painting is a top site to visit for design tips and inspiration. In addition to tackling design, they also provide practical advice for people looking to paint their own homes or have their homes painted. With a focus on renovation and home maintenance, Horner Painting is an extremely accessible resource for people who are looking to increase / maintain the value of their home through painting. 

Atlanta Painting Company

The Atlanta Painting Company hosts an impressive blog that discusses residential painting. With many posts in their blog focusing on home exteriors, this is a brilliant place to stop if you are about to tackle an exterior project yourself or are thinking of investing in professional work. With a great backlog of past articles, you’re bound to find an article to answer your questions or give you inspiration for your project. 

Platinum Painting

Platinum Painting’s blog is chock-full of articles that are helpful for DIY home painters. They provide insights on painting techniques, color choices, and wall maintenance. With new posts coming once a month, it is easy enough to stay on top of, but also consistent enough to keep the great information flowing. Platinum Painting also has articles about important things someone should know before they hire a professional painter!

Five Star Painting

With over 85 pages of articles that have been posted through the years, the Five Star Painting blog is by far the most extensive blog for painting content. They cover color selection, commercial painting, design tips, home painting, and more! If you are starting any kind of painting project, the Five Star Painting blog is a great place to begin. Just click the category that you are interested in and get to learning! 

Flooring and Tile Blogs

The Flooring Blog

The Flooring Blog is a great destination for anyone who is looking to build or maintain an impressive floor. With plenty of tips on how to design, style, and preserve your floors, there is a little something for everyone. Their specialty is hardwood floors, providing the latest trends and insights on the subject. If you are in need of some top-notch advice on flooring decisions, check this blog out!

Avalon Flooring

Having professional content paired with high quality visuals, the Avalon Flooring blog is a must for all who are interested in flooring. Both professional flooring experts and people who want to maintain their floors at home can gain a lot of great information from this blog. With tips ranging from inspiration to installation, there is a lot of incredible content to explore!

When you get to’s blog, you’ll be met with a large assortment of content all about flooring. Posting consistently since 2010, they have amassed an awesome database of helpful info. You can sift through their content by choosing hardwood flooring, prefinished hardwood, unfinished flooring, and unfinished flooring. Check out today!

Unique Wood Floors Blog

The Unique Wood Floors blog puts a creative twist on the typical flooring blog. With 3 great articles about flooring automation, they are able to cater to the new wave of flooring techniques. In addition to flooring automation, they also have articles about floor care / maintenance, flooring trends, and installation information. Check out Unique Wood Floors to see a new spin on flooring.

The Flooring Girl

The Flooring Girl provides some of the most in depth, insightful analysis on flooring trends and ideas on the web. Her extremely detailed articles are a must read for anyone who is serious about flooring or is looking to make the correct choice when choosing a flooring option. You owe it to yourself to peruse a few of her articles and to learn about all of the great flooring options that are out there. 


Urbanfloor has a great blog that showcases some of their top projects along with a great deal of informative content. With posts coming at regular intervals, you’ll want to go back every month to see what’s new! They are a group of trusted professionals who can give you incredible insider knowledge and awesome design insights. Check them out today if you want to see some high quality flooring content.

Flooring Inc

Flooring Inc is always coming out with new blog posts that highlight niche flooring topics. They showcase the best design trends in carpeting, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and more! Covering unique topics like home theater flooring and indoor basketball court flooring, Flooring Inc gives their take on flooring ideas that are anything but traditional. However, they also have plenty of content for people looking for more simple ideas.  

Carpet Bonanza Flooring Center

The Carpet Bonanza Flooring Center blog is a great place to stop for all of your carpeting questions. With over 50 timeless articles, this can be a perfect website to reference as you dig deeper into learning about carpeting. All you have to do is peruse their list of posts until you find the kind of information you are looking for! 

Express Flooring

Express Flooring has an amazing blog that is useful for homeowners or those involved in commercial construction. Not settling on just one type of floor, they cover carpet, hardwood, tiles, stone, and more! With a deep pool of past posts, the Express Flooring blog is an excellent place to stop for all of your home / commercial flooring needs!

City Floor Supply

The City Floor Blog is a specialty blog all about hardwood flooring. Their flooring professionals provide an inside scoop on all of the top brands, products, techniques, and tips that can help you elevate the quality of your floors. Posting regularly since 2013, they have an incredible backlog of content that can help you with your professional or personal flooring needs.  

Interior Design Blogs

Old Brand New

Old Brand New is an exciting design blog that can inspire interior designers to create eye-catching spaces. With awesome design examples for kitchens, offices, patios, bathrooms, and other rooms, there is plenty of content for people to explore and utilize. In addition to the design examples, they also provide expert-level tips for anyone looking to up their design game. 

Justina Blankeney

Justina Blankeney’s blog is a must for interior designers who love incorporating plant-life into their homes. She finds excellent ways to introduce plants into the home decor to bring the most out of every corner. DIYers and professionals alike can glean inspiration from her visually stimulating blog. There are plenty of patterns, colors, and flowers to keep you interested in learning more!

Ideal Home

The Ideal Home blog is all about creating incredible spaces in your home that make you want to spend more time there. They touch on decorating, design, arrangement of items in the home, and so much more! The blog also features helpful product guides and home upkeep tips. You can sort through the extremely aesthetic articles by room, or you can just explore them your own way!

Laurel and Wolf

Bedsheets, pottery, candles, furniture, plants, and more are all topics that you can explore on the Laurel and Wolf blog. They specialize in design principles, providing top notch products and tips for you to utilize in your home. Laurel has great advice for a range of people: from people just moving into their first apartment all the way up to people who need to refresh their decades old house. 

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson’s design blog is a great place to interact with other people who are looking to improve their home spaces and learn a lot about interior design. The comment sections of her extremely long, detailed posts are always filled with users asking questions and providing further insights. If this is the kind of blog you are looking to follow, then dive right in!

Vintage Revivals

This blog is a great place to get color and paint inspiration for your home. There are many articles on the Vintage Revivals blog that gripping great design ideas to completely transform your walls. In addition to all of their wall painting advice, there is also a wide variety of projects and crafts that you can join in to revolutionize your home. 

The Makerista

The Makerista blog is all about home improvement projects with a focus on design. Gwen, the writer of the blog, details her own home projects in an effort to provide others with inspiration for their DIY design adventures. The Makerista hosts an amazing backlog of content, with over 100 posts for you to look through! Just find the topic you’re curious in at the top of the page, and get designing.


The Juniper design blog has a lot to offer people who are hoping to transform their home spaces. They have comprehensive guides on all kinds of design ideas, ranging from tables to sconces to rugs to bookshelves. One feature that sets them apart from other interior design blogs is their specialty in digital printing, giving their readers heaps of professional knowledge about the topic. 

Young House Love

Young House Love is a great website for people who want to completely transform a home. The before & after section of their blog gives great ideas for how much can be done to elevate the quality of a space. It is incredible to see the differences when you look through those pictures! Lastly, check out their DIY & Decorating tips section for more specific problem solving ideas. 

Maison De Pax

The Maison de Pax blog has it all! With almost 1,000 posts on the website, you will be hard pressed to find a more in-depth, useful blog than this one. Covering topics of decorating, design, DIY projects and more, this blog truly has something for everyone. Even though there are a lot of posts to search through to find what you’re looking for, you can use the search bar to find topics and posts that you want to learn more about! 

Renovation and Home Improvement Blogs

Mr Handyman

The Mr Handyman blog is an excellent resource for anybody who is looking to make improvements or repairs to their home. With professional tips on how to deal with all kinds of problems, this blog can help you keep your home in tip top shape! Use the sidebar to find articles on doors, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Today’s Homeowner

Today’s Homeowner is an excellent blog all about improving the home. They have quick videos, 30 minute home guide episodes, and a podcast to supplement the information on the blog. You can view the most recent blogs, seasonal blogs, how to tips, and more. Perhaps the most helpful section on the blog is the simple solutions section which gives easy problem solving ideas for common home problems. 

Hewn and Hammered

Hewn and Hammered is all about making fixes to the home and improving areas of the home that need touch ups. They provide insider knowledge about simple tasks as well as more in depth articles about specific projects that you might need to take on. If you are looking for something specific, just go to their archives and select the category that you are interested in!


The Merrypad blog is all about inspiring people to take on DIY projects to improve the home. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then Merrypad will be a top resource for you. Just scroll down the page a bit, and you will find dozens of specific categories and hundreds of articles to sift through. They seem to tackle any and all DIY projects, so dive in and find some new projects for your home!


The Sweeten Stories blog is a one stop shop for all things renovation. They give professional knowledge about the remodeling process, the professionals that you might work with, and tips on how to plan and execute your own renovation projects. Look through their amazing blog for all kinds of inspiring and aesthetic home renovations that will get you ready to take on a big project!

Home Design Key

Windows, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and more are all topics that are covered on the Home Design Key blog. This blog is a very up-to-date source on a wide variety of home remodeling topics. Their experts provide high-quality content that can help you make decisions as you plan out your home renovations, whether you are making sweeping changes or simple updates.

Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations has all the info you could ask for about flipping homes. Whether you want to renovate a home to sell or to live in, they have all of the insider tips to get you on your way. In addition to their blog, they offer a renovation education program and a renovation book, so no matter what medium you want to learn through, they have you covered!

Kaleidoscope Living

With over 150 pages of blog posts, Kaleidoscope Living has all of the home improvement tips and tricks you could ask for! If you click on one of the tags on an article that interests you, it will take you to a screen that allows you to refine your search even further, helping you to find your specific interests in the wide selection available to you.

The HomeSource

The HomeSource is an excellent resource for professional renovators / home improvement specialists. They provide ProGuides that lay out expert opinions and ideas for problems that professional renovators might come across. The HomeSource blog is all about home projects and home improvements, so even if you aren’t a professional builder, there is still plenty here for you to glean. 

Windows and Glass Blogs


The Milgard windows and doors blog is an amazing resource for people looking to see how windows and lighting can transform a space. Kitchen windows, sliding glass doors, glass paned patios, and more are all featured on this blog. Their website is extremely easy to navigate, so you should be able to find the exact window info that you are looking for!

Window Nation

If you click on the “filter by tag” button on the Window Nation site, you will be blown away at the number of topics that they have covered with their blog posts. Once you find the category you are looking for, you will find many well written articles that give you professional insights into the window / glass topic of your choosing. 


TrueView has a great blog with insider knowledge that can help homeowners or professionals with their window needs. They have articles on window screens, glass showers, sliding glass doors, and more! Whether you are looking to replace your windows or fix up the ones you already have, this is a great blog to start with!

Lee’s Glass and Window Works

Lee’s Glass and Window Works is a great site for people who are looking for technical information and tips about windows. With a good deal of information about energy efficient windows and the window installation process, Lee’s can provide contractors and homeowners with helpful information that will guide them in their window installation projects. 

Janssen Glass

The Janssen Glass Company hosts a fantastic blog for people who are looking to learn more about different window specifications and uses. They have articles about outdoor glass, glass showers, windows, and more! Their article, “Does Window Replacement Really Matter?” delves deep into some of the finer details of window replacement, and many other articles give just as much detail and information.

Stanek Windows

This blog has many great articles that give tips and ideas about all things windows and doors. They have articles about window replacements, energy efficient windows, vinyl windows, and more! Parse through the categories on the side of the page and you should be able to find the topic that you are looking for! 

Andy’s Glass

This blog is a superb resource for anyone interested in replacing windows in their home. There are a lot of great tips and tricks, as well as insider knowledge that can help you make the decision to replace a window or not. If you are a professional who wants to learn more about window replacements or a homeowner who wants to decide whether or not to replace a window, this blog is a great place for you!


This awesome blog gives you a lot of great details about the logistics of window installation / replacement. They cover everything from picking windows to installing windows to understanding how the windows will affect the space inside. Additionally, they go into great detail about choosing windows based on performance scores and longevity. 

Glass Doctor

The Glass Doctor is exactly what it sounds like; they specialize in maintaining and repairing windows and other glass fixtures in order to maintain safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces. With a backlog ranging several years, they have covered a wide range of specific topics, even venturing into less talked about topics such as car windows and glass railings!

City Glass

The City Glass blog gives great details about how to improve and maintain the glass fixtures that you already have. Whether it is using the right products to maintain your windows, reaching out to the right contractors to help you with a job, or learning about the newest advancements and trends, this blog has it all! Check out their newest posts, or search the exact info you are looking for.

Roofing Blogs

Andrew’s Roofing

Andrew’s Roofing & Construction has a great blog for people who work with commercial or home roofing. Their articles look at common roofing issues from both the professional and client side of things. There is great information for homeowners, like how to locate the source of a ceiling leak, that can be very helpful in a pinch. This blog has plenty of categories and tags to sort with, so you should be able to find content for your specific interest. 

Chaffee Industrial Roofing

The Chaffee Industrial Roofing blog is an amazing blog for people in the commercial roofing business. The blog is updated regularly, with high quality posts coming in about once a month. They cover very technical processes and techniques in depth, giving their professional insights on the topics. If you are in the business of commercial roofing, this blog is a must for you!

All Roofing Solutions

The All Roofing Solutions blog is a great resource for residential roofers and homeowners alike. They provide great tips on all kinds of topics related to home roofing including eco-friendly roofs, roof repairs, contractor interactions, roofing materials, and more! If you are interested in learning more about a specific type of roofing or a specific roofing problem, just check out one of the categories to refine your search!

FiberTite Blog

This blog is all about industrial roofing strength, particularly in buildings that are very large. They take deep dives into specific case studies based off of the projects that they have worked on and the materials that they have used. The FiberTite blog has a very large number of high quality blog posts, covering many of the problems that come with commercial roofs.

Elevations Blog

IKO’s Elevation blog provides incredible insights for both roofing professionals and homeowners. Article’s like “Are You Dealing with Animals in Roof Vents and Attics?” “Financing Your Roof Replacement or Repair,” and many others are extremely helpful for homeowners that are facing these specific problems. Additionally, many of their articles are geared more towards the professional side of things. 

On Top Roofing Blog

The On Top Roofing Blog is very handy to reference when you are making design/materials decisions for your roof. They share their insider knowledge on topics such as roof design choices, roof maintenance, roof repairs, and more! Check out the tags or categories on the right of the blog to find the kinds of articles that can best help you with your roofing needs.

Classic Metal Roofing Solutions

The Classic Metal Roofing Solutions blog gives you exactly what you would expect to find: expert insights and advice on metal roofing. With over 41 pages of blog posts, this is a perfect stop for anyone who has or is thinking about investing in a metal roof. Whether for home or for business, anyone with a metal roof can find a lot of helpful information in this blog!

Ben’s Roofing Inc

Ben’s Roofing Inc looks to educate business owners and homeowners about roof installation, maintenance, and repair with their blog. They go into about some of the questions that their audience is likely asking: Should I do my roof repairs myself? Is it time for a roof replacement? What roofing materials should I use? They answer all of these questions and more, so give their blog a look!

GAF Pro Blog

The GAF Pro Blog has a very informative section called, “Roofing Fundamentals.” In this advice column, they have a great series of posts titled “Top 10 Mistakes,” that tackles many of the mistakes that roofers and homeowners make when they analyze or try to repair a roof. They also have great articles about the fundamentals of roofing, so if any of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to check this blog out!

A.J. Roofing & Construction

The A.J. Roofing & Construction Blog covers commercial roofing, residential roofing, roof inspections, roof replacements, and more! They have great insights into topics like how to choose reliable roofing contractors; when to schedule a roof inspection; ways to protect your roof; and more! All of their articles are easy to understand and generate great thinking points for you to contemplate as you consider your own roof. 

Countertop Blogs

Flintstone Marble and Granite Inc

The Flintstone Marble and Granite blog is professionally written, with high quality insights and imagery. Their articles are full of expert advice about material choice, style options, and countertop maintenance tips. If you are a countertop professional who is hoping to learn more about your craft or a homeowner who wants to make educated decisions, this blog is for you!

Countertop Specialty

This blog is a top of the line resource for people who need to maintain or refresh their home countertops. They cover all kinds of surfaces, from wood and porcelain to marble and quartz. There are a lot of great tips on how to clean specific surfaces and stains, making it an extremely helpful blog to visit when you’re in a pinch and need some expert advice. 

BC Stone

The BC Stone surface fabrication blog is an all in one knowledge center for all things countertops. They cover countertop care, countertop installation, countertop maintenance, countertop materials, countertop design trends, and more! Suffice to say, if you have a countertop question, you’ll probably be able to find your answer here! 

Precision Countertops

Precision Countertops has an amazing blog that features rich imagery and detailed advice. The blog focuses on design trends and how your countertops can fit into your overall home design. They break down what materials are available to you, what rooms they should be used in, how they can bring out the best in a room, and how functional different countertops can be. 

Accent Countertops

The Accent Countertops blog is great for people looking to update their kitchen counters. Whether you are interested in learning about quartz, marble, or granite counters, they have incredibly informative articles that can help guide your decision making. They also have useful articles that give detailed comparisons between different types of countertops.


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