The Top 10 Must-Read Cricut Blogs of 2021

Are you a seasoned Cricut veteran, having spent hours or days creating captivating crafts?

Are you new to the Cricut machine, having just opened the box for the first time?

Whether you fall into one of these categories or somewhere in between, you can learn a lot by checking out blogs that are curated by fellow crafters. Following a Cricut blog can be a great way to stay up to date on the latest trends and updates, as well as to glean inspiration for future projects.

Just like how medical professionals should stay up to date on the latest journals to stay at the top of their field, crafters should consistently check recent blogs to continue learning.

If you don’t know where to start, here is our list of the top 10 Cricut Blogs of 2021 with some bonus resources below!

Top 10 Cricut Blogs

Vinyl Cutting Machines

A Beginner’s Guide to Cricut Cutting

The Vinyl Cutting Machines blog is a great resource for people who are just starting out with a Cricut cutter or for people who are ready to take their crafting to the next level. Complete with links to helpful files, reviews of machines, guidebooks for inspiration, how-to guides, and so much more, this website is full of helpful insights. Whether you are planning on purchasing a machine, learning how to use your machine, or looking for inspiration for your next project, Vinyl Cutting Machines can help you out along your way. 

Cricut Blog

Learn from the Creators

This is the official Cricut blog, and it features curated work from their crafting professionals. You know that you are going to get high quality, visually stimulating posts from industry experts because this is THE Cricut blog. Select inspiration, tutorials, stories, or news from the navigation bar to find exactly the kind of articles you are looking for. Get your craft cutting inspiration here if you want a trustworthy, quality resource. 

Jennifer Maker

Vinyl Projects Galore

The Jennifer Maker blog features TONS of incredible vinyl projects that can give you ideas, inspiration, and insights. Jennifer has tackled all kinds of projects with her Cricut Cutter, ranging from decorating shoes and earrings to kitchen appliances. She also has helpful tips and tricks that she shares along the way as her in-depth articles break down the details of her projects in easy to understand ways. If you can’t think of a great idea for your next project, this is a perfect place to look.

The Happy Scraps

Crafts for the Season

The Happy Scraps is a great blog that features all kinds of DIY projects that you and your family can take on. Their Cricut section is no exception! The highlight of this blog is definitely the holiday craft ideas. There are great posts for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, July Fourth, and more! Anyone who is looking for crafts to take on that match the current season should look here for great Cricut inspiration. 

Cutting for Business

Paid to Craft?

The Cutting for Business website is exactly what it sounds like; tips and tricks to help you make money for your Cricut cutting crafts. Could you imagine getting paid to do something that you love? This website breaks down all of the ins and outs of pursuing the business of crafting. Click the button that says, “New? Start Here!” and you will be taken to their extensive backlog of content specifically catered for people who want to be professional crafters.

Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Cricut Inspiration and Options

Hey Let’s Make Stuff is a really helpful blog for people who are using their cricut cutter consistently but don’t have the time to design all of their own graphics. They have a great database of free and purchasable SVG files that can help you fill out your graphics library. In addition to their SVG files, they also have extremely detailed walkthroughs of their crafts with detailed pictures and descriptions. 

The Girl Creative Blog

All the SVG Files You Could Want

Diana Miller has pages and pages of free SVG files on her blog. The Girl Creative Blog is her page, and it contains all kinds of downloadable Cricut files that can be used for your at home projects. There are graphics for teachers, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more! In addition to the downloadable files, there are also many DIY project ideas and tutorials to give you ideas for your next print.

Clarks Condensed

A One Stop Shop

This blog has it all. Clarks Condensed provides insightful tutorials for several Cricut cutting machines and all sorts of creative crafts. You can browse through their pages of posts, search for posts you are interested in, or read some of their most popular articles. In these tutorials, you will learn all about your Cricut machine and how to make fun T-shirts, decorations, gifts, and more!

Creative Cutting Classroom

The Technical Side of Crafting

The Creative Cutting Classroom can be an important resource for people who are learning how to create graphics for their Cricut or who want to take their graphic making ability to the next level. There are many intriguing articles about the Cricut Design Space, tools, tips, tricks, and more. Basically, if you have a question about how your machine, software, or materials work, this is the place to look!

A Girl and a Glue Gun

Craft Inspiration for Any Medium

This blog has an extraordinary number of fun crafts to try out, including a section dedicated to Cricut/Vinyl cutting. There are plenty of tutorials and how-to's, as well as a bunch of project examples that can give you ideas for your own crafts. Vinyl cutouts for gloves, laptops, tables, t-shirts, walls, floormats, and more are all featured, so you can likely find ideas for whatever kind of project you are working on next.

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