Why Quality Painter’s Tape is Worth the Investment

Why Quality Painter’s Tape is Worth the Investment

The Importance of Painter’s Tape

Most painters would agree that the best way to cut clean lines on your edges is by using painters tape. Eyeballing an edge is doable if you have a steady enough hand, but the unnecessary risk involved can lead to disasters for even the most experienced painters. One bad stroke and you are losing time and quality by wiping up the paint that stained an unintended surface. Using painters tape is an easy way to avoid this hassle, but low-quality painters tape can cause problems of their own.<

The Problems with Cheap Painter’s Tape

Tape That’s Too Sticky

The problem with some low-quality tapes is that they are too sticky for the purpose they are meant to serve. While they will remain in place very well, it is the removal process that causes the problems. For instance; if you are at the top of a ladder and reaching to get tape off of a wall, you don’t want to be putting a lot of muscle into removing it, as this could throw the ladder off balance. Tape that is too sticky can actually mess up a fresh paint job by ripping off the paint when it comes off. Additionally, it can cause damage to the surface that the tape is on by leaving a frustrating sticky residue or peeling off parts of the surface. 

Tape That Isn’t Sticky Enough

On the opposite end of the spectrum are tapes that don’t have enough tack. Removal of these tapes is no problem because they will fall off by themselves! They can be a pain because they will refuse to stick to the surfaces as you place them, forcing you to double back to make sure they are in the correct spot. Once you finally have the tape where you need it to be, there is no telling if it will stay in place or not. Whether it is from the paintbrush running against it or simply time, there is a risk of it falling off, forcing you to reapply tape to the surfaces. 

What does that cost you?

While none of these issues are going to be the end of the world on a jobsite, they will begin to add up as more and more tape fails you. As these problems continue to occur, the amount of time spent rectifying these mistakes will grow. All of the little fixes, mends, and reapplications will eat away a large chunk of time from the workday. This means that your business is losing money! Time that could be spent pushing a job forward is instead spent redoing what already should have been done. At the end of the day, cheaply made painter’s tape will cause a great deal of frustration that could easily be avoided through better supplies.

Are More Expensive Tapes the Answer?

The Pros of Paying More

Quality painter's tape alleviates frustration & costly mistakes and actually boosts the bottom line of your business. Since you won’t have to worry about reapplying tape or fixing mistakes, you will be able to work more efficiently with both your time and your supplies. This will actually make a positive difference in your profit margins. 

But Do You Have to Pay More for Quality Tape?

In the end, the price of the tape is not the most important factor; it’s the quality of the tape that counts. While there are many expensive tapes that will work great, there are also cheaper buying options that also provide the high-quality tape that is necessary. Consider buying in bulk, partnering with a vendor, or finding exclusive deals with franchises that would allow you to save money while also receiving high-quality tape. If you are interested in high-quality painter’s tape at a manageable price, shop TapeManBlue® Painter’s Tape today! With our blue or green tapes, we have the right tape for your next project.
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