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TapeManBlue® Transfer Tape is the perfect choice for Cricut & Silhouette crafters as well as sign makers and digital printers. Our transfer tape:

  • Comes in various materials, tack levels, and sizes to fit every project
  • Lays flat on release liner for easy storage & transportation
  • Removes cleanly, leaving no residue behind
  • Is proudly made in America
  • Ships fast & free

Wave Goodbye to Transfer Tape Worries with TapeManBlue®

TapeManBlue® Transfer Tape is a premium-grade transfer tape for applying vinyl graphics, lettering, and decals. Since 2006, TapeManBlue has provided transfer tape to tens of thousands of crafters and sign makers. Our products are produced proudly in the U.S.A., which is more important now than ever, and every order always ships for free.

We created our transfer tape, like the rest of our product lines, around a core premise: Transfer tape you can trust at a price you're excited about.

Material Options for Every Project: Paper vs. Clear Transfer Tape

As you use vinyl transfer tapes, you should be aware of the two main types of transfer tapes: paper and transparent tapes.

Paper Transfer Tape

TapeManBlue® Paper Transfer Tape is an excellent choice for most of your graphics tasks. The tape consists of 4-mil, natural-colored paper. It lays flat on a silicone release liner, simplifying the transfer and application of vinyl graphics.

Comparable application tape products include: R-Tape 4075RLA, R-Tape 4050RLA, Main Tape GXP-775, ABI 592U.

Clear Transfer Tape

TapeManBlue® Clear Transfer Tape allows for precision and ease in your vinyl application process. It’s a clear embossed polypropylene film that works great for installations where maximum visibility is needed.

Our clear transfer tape is PVC-free and safe for laser cutting.

What Tack Level Do You Need?

Specific applications call for specific products. At TapeManBlue, we offer a range of different clear and paper transfer tape options so that you can always find exactly what you’re looking for. When shopping our transfer tape for vinyl, you have the following options: : Medium-High Tack and Low Tack.

Medium-High Tack

This is the best transfer tape choice for most applications. It works great with craft die cutting machines such as Cricut and Silhouette Cameo as well as most sign shop & digital printing applications.

Low Tack

This product is primarily used as a premask for large-sized graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transfer Tape

To help you gain a broader understanding of best practices associated with transfer tape, consider the following answers to common questions about transfer tape:

1. What Tools Do You Need to Apply Graphics Using Transfer Tape?

All you need to have to work with transfer tape is vinyl, the transfer tape and something to cut with. Often, squeegees are helpful when applying the vinyl graphic to a surface to prevent air bubbles and wrinkling.

2. How Do I Use Transfer Tape with Vinyl?

Vinyl comes with an adhesive on the back of it and a release liner covering the adhesive. When the adhesive vinyl is cut into the shape you need, you'll peel away the excess vinyl so only your graphic is remaining on the paper backing. Then you can apply the transfer tape on top of your graphic.

3. Do Your Material & Surface Type Matter When Choosing a Transfer Tape?

When creating vinyl graphics, you'll want to be aware of how well the vinyl you’re choosing will stick to your surface. For instance, cut vinyl is often meant to be applied to a flat surface. Rough surfaces reduce how much the adhesive sticks to the substrate, making it difficult for the vinyl to stay attached.

As you select a transfer tape, you'll want to make sure the vinyl and transfer tape pair well together. Often, companies will mistakenly pair high tack transfer tape with a low tack vinyl as they apply a graphic onto a rough surface. This combination will typically fail due to the vinyl film having a stronger bond with the transfer tape than the surface.

4. Do I Really Need Transfer Tape?

Most likely. While it's possible to remove vinyl from its backing to its new location, it's challenging to place it accurately or prevent damage from occurring to it. Transfer tape makes the process much easier and saves you the time and money required to fix or replace an improperly applied graphic.

5. What Tack Level Should I Use: Medium-High Tack or Low Tack?

Most likely. While it's possible to remove vinyl from its backing to its new location, it's challenging to place it accurately or prevent damage from occurring to it. Transfer tape makes the process much easier and saves you the time and money required to fix or replace an improperly applied graphic.

Medium-high tack is an ideal fit for most projects, unless the scale is particularly large.

Use medium-high tack transfer tape for:
  • Most vinyl lettering, graphics, and decals
  • Cricut crafting projects
  • Small to large-sized lettering
  • Wall graphics and wall decals
  • Vinyl decals for car windows
  • Frosted window graphic film
Use low-tack transfer tape for:
  • Large one-piece decals
  • Large graphics such as billboards, tractor-trailer graphics, etc.
  • Multi-colored overlay projects

6. What Kind of Transfer Tape Should I Use: Paper or Clear?

The transfer tape material you should use largely depends on the degree of precision needed. The key benefit of using clear transfer tape is the fact that it is clear. The clear quality allows you to see through the tape and place the item you are transferring with greater precision and accuracy. If you require a very specific placement of your graphic, we recommend using clear transfer tape. Otherwise, either the clear or the paper option will work well.

7. Is Application Tape the Same as Transfer Tape?

Application tape is simply another name for transfer tape. It can also be referred to as pre-mask. All three names describe the same product and carry out the same task. They transfer vinyl graphics. Transfer tapes can be paper or film, but both allow you to see through to where you are placing the graphics.

8. Can TapeManBlue Transfer Tape Be Used for Laser Cutting?

Yes. TapeManBlue transfer tape can be used for laser cutting projects. Our clear tape is made of polypropylene and is PVC-free, making it a good choice for this application.

Want Help Choosing a Transfer Tape?

Not sure which transfer tape is the best choice for your projects? Do you need help selecting the right size, material or tack? Our top-notch customer service team is available to assist you. Contact us anytime to get your questions answered. We’re human & we’re here to help.


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