Strapping Tape

  • General-purpose tensilized polypropylene strapping tape
  • Used for bundling, palletizing, unitizing, and color-coding
  • 2.8 mils thick 
  • 90 cases per pallet
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping on all orders
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Become a Warehousing Pro with TapeManBlue Strapping Tape

When you work in the warehousing, logistics, and transport industries, you need access to a wide range of tools that helps you store and deliver items safely, efficiently and effectively. Many companies operating in these industries have discovered the power of having the right plastic strapping tape. TapeManBlue’s strapping tape is a general-purpose, tensilized MOPP tape with a high strength adhesive, and it helps companies secure and reinforce packages and other loads at different stages of the transport cycle.

Tensilized polypropylene strapping tape keeps boxes from shifting in transit, reinforces heavy packaging, and much more. Whether you're palletizing, color coding, unitizing or bundling, it's a convenient and valuable resource to have on hand. You can also use poly strapping tape for maintenance tasks and for other purposes around your facility. Industrial packing tape is just one of our many specialty tape options at TapeManBlue. For similar products, explore our specialty tape options.

What You Need to Know About Strapping Tape

MOPP strapping tape offers excellent utility and cost value, making it an asset to any warehousing operation. Its unique benefits and versatility will help you get the job done right.

Why Should I Use Polypropylene Strapping Tape?

As a multi-purpose tool, plastic strapping tape comes with many practical and competitive advantages. These perks include:
  • Cost efficiency: Strapping tape is an economical way to streamline your operations, especially if you buy it in bulk. You'll receive outstanding performance and strength for less. If you have goods with shorter transport times, this packaging tape ensures you get the most value out of each roll.
  • Versatility: Thanks to a wide range of widths and thicknesses, you'll have the right tool for the job every time. Polypropylene strapping tape is great for securing light or medium loads and making organizational tasks more efficient.
  • Elasticity: This elastic tape will resist corrosion and deformation. If your packages have longer storage or transport times, strapping tape will provide them with reliable protection.
  • Lightweight: MOPP strapping tape is your go-to packaging for fragile goods, such as meat and seafood, paper or agricultural products. It's lightweight, reducing the likelihood of damages during transit.

What Surfaces Can I Use Strapping Tape On?

Our MOPP strapping tape features a water-based acrylic adhesive for maximum strength. You can use it on various surfaces:
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Fiberboard
  • Painted surfaces

What Types of Projects Is Strapping Tape a Good Fit For?

Strapping tape offers several technical benefits, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. Because of the way it's designed, it can be used for projects in the manufacturing, metal works, automotive and even oil and gas industry.

Whatever you're working on, strapping tape effectively reinforces and seals cartons, steel pipes, corrugated boxes and pallets. You can trust that this tape will keep all your products secure during shipment. Even if materials expand or contract, this tape will ensure everything stays in place. Bundle all kinds of applications and complete light demand applications with confidence. With strapping tape, your project opportunities are truly endless.

Find the Options You Need

We aim to give our customers options when they need bulk tape and similar products. When you browse our selection of bulk strapping tape, you’ll find that it is available in black, white and clear. All rolls are 55m long (60 yards) and are available in a variety of widths:

  • 9mm x 55mm Strapping Tape, 192 rolls per case
  • 12mm x 55mm Strapping Tape, 144 rolls per case
  • 18mm x 55mm Strapping Tape, 96 rolls per case
  • 24mm x 55mm Strapping Tape, 72 rolls per case

Choose the black, white or clear strapping tape you need, and get your job done right.

American-Made Strapping Tape at Unbeatable Prices

We offer only quality products in the selection you’ll find at TapeManBlue, and that includes our wholesale strapping tape. We strive to provide tape solutions that strike the right balance between adhesiveness and easy removal. Our bulk packaging tape is designed to apply smoothly, making your job easy. We also choose to run our business lean and with low overhead, so that we can offer you the best possible prices on bulk packaging tape. As an added benefit, our TapeManBlue tape is proudly made in the USA, and all orders receive free shipping!

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