Collision Wrap


36" Roll of Self-Adhesive Crash/Collision Wrap for Cars

  • Protects car interiors from dirt, dust, snow, rain, and oversprays 
  • 3.5 mil thick film with high tack adhesive
  • Removes cleanly and leaves no residue behind
  • Made in America for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders

Collision Wrap You Can Trust

TapeManBlue® Collision Wrap is an automotive protection film also known as wreck-a-wrap. Our car collision wrap is used by body shops, dealerships, and automotive mechanics who repair damaged vehicles. The common thread is that our customers demand high-quality collision wrap at affordable prices, and we deliver it to them. No matter the application, our wreck wrap helps you get the job done.

Learn more about our self-adhesive plastic wrap for crashed cars below, and contact our team with questions or support needs as you search for the perfect solution.

Car accidents and even some automotive work can leave interiors left open to the elements or leave components in need of support. In these cases (and others), collision wrap for cars offers the ideal solution. Protective crash and collision wrap is a temporary, yet effective way to protect car interiors from situations such as:
  • Rain: Plastic film can prevent moisture and water damage from affecting your car's interior while it awaits repair.
  • Dirt: Cracks or broken glass can allow dirt to enter your vehicle, particularly in combination with rain and wind. Wrap self-adhering collision film around any problem areas to keep your vehicle clean.
  • Snow: If you experience any car damage during the winter, you'll need an extra layer of vehicle protection to keep snow from entering your car's interior.
  • Over-spray: If your car is left in an auto repair shop, it may be susceptible to damaging over-spray caused by paint, varnish, stain or any other auto-detailing. Plastic wreck wrap can protect your vehicle from any discoloration or difficult-to-remove airborne material.
  • Scrapes: Add a layer of crash & collision wrap to protect any cracked windshields, broken windows or sprung doors.
  • Transportation damage: Auto collision wrap film can be used as a protective film for cars during transport. In these situations, collision wrap keeps cars clean and protects them against any scrapes or other damage while moving from one point to another.

Collision wrap adhesive film is just one of many surface protection solutions you’ll find in our selection. If you’re interested in similar products, browse our larger inventory of surface protection film options.

Common Questions About Crash Collision Wrap

You want to get the most out of your wreck-a-wrap. Explore the numerous benefits of collision wrap and learn more about how it can meet your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Collision Wrap?

Whether you need to cover a broken car window or protect a vehicle from the elements, wreck wrap makes your task easier and quicker. High-quality collision wraps:
  • Increase efficiency: Our self-adhesive wrap requires no extra preparation. Simply position the film, unroll the amount you need, cut it and press it down.
  • Boost customer satisfaction: Protecting your customers' vehicles from additional damage shows that you value their trust. Safeguard the cars you work with to ensure you deliver professional outcomes every time.
  • Save you money: With 100-foot and 200-foot options, you'll have the quantity you need for multiple jobs at the right price.

What Surfaces Can I Use Collision Wrap On?

Collision wrap works best on clean and dry car surfaces like glass, metal and plastic. Its 3.5-mil thickness is designed for temporary exterior protection.

Can I Safely Move Cars Around the Lot With Collision Wrap?

Whether you apply it to a windshield or a sprung door, once collision wrap is applied, you'll be able to safely move cars around the lot. The wrap will resist tearing and puncturing when you're driving or towing a vehicle. Even though it's temporary, it can easily withstand extreme elements and resist scrapes and scratches.

As you move the vehicle from one location to the next, you can trust that collision wrap will keep it free from any additional damage.

Will Crash and Collision Wrap Leave a Residue?

Thanks to its acrylic adhesive and transparency, crash and collision wrap gives you reliable protection and clean removal with minimal or no residue. Follow your package's instructions to ensure pristine results.

Will Collision Wrap Cause Damage to the Car's Surface?

Collision wrap is made out of a flexible, self-adhesive film so it'll come off clean and won't cause any damage to the car's surface. It maintains the integrity and quality of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle until it can get repaired.

Performance That Makes Your Work Easier

Our collision wrap is a 3.5 mil, high tack, clear product. It's available in 36 inch x 100 foot and 36 inch x 200 foot rolls. When removed, it comes off clean, leaving no residue behind. And that’s the type of performance that most of our customers demand form adhesive plastic wrap. They need products that go on easily and remain in place while needed, but that also comes off quickly and easily, too — leaving behind nothing but a pristine surface. Make sure you’re getting the performance you want out of an adhesive plastic cover when you choose the selection at TapeManBlue®.

Our self-adhesive protection film includes 90-Day UVI Protection, enabling outdoor use. The high tack adhesive will protect your vehicle's interior and exterior from sun damage and weather damage while it awaits repair. The 90-day UVI durability of our tape further ensures you can use vehicle wrap on your car without fear of the tape breaking down due to sun damage.

Get the Most out of Your Investment in Protective Wrap

TapeManBlue® has proudly served the automotive industry since 2006. For more than a decade, we have offered collision wrap at everyday low prices. Automotive transport protection film typically falls into two categories. You can find cheap products from overseas that fail to remain in place and fail to remove easily when needed. You can also find more expensive products from the United States that perform how you want them to — but at a premium price. At TapeManBlue®, you get both low prices and performance when you choose our bulk car crash collision wrap.

Our vehicle protection collision wrap is made in the USA, and all orders come with free shipping within the continental United States. Also, make sure you check out our blue painter's tape, which is an industry favorite.

Get TapeManBlue® Collision Wrap and Get Your Job Done Right

At TapeManBlue®, our specialty is delivering adhesive wreck wrap you can trust. We offer a huge selection of surface protection products at everyday low prices. Our wholesale car protective wrap, as well as all of our other products, meets the highest standards for quality. You'll also enjoy options as you browse our selection, including both 100-foot and 200-foot-long rolls of collision wrap for cars.

Additionally, we offer free shipping on all orders within the lower 48, and our team is always standing by and ready to help should you have questions about sticky sheets for car windows and other products in our inventory. Make sure you get your job done right when you choose TapeManBlue® for automotive protective wrap and similar products that your work requires.

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