Aluminum Protection Film

Temporary, Self-Adhesive Aluminum Protection Film
  • Clear, self-adhesive protective film for aluminum surfaces
  • 2.5 mils thick, medium tack adhesion
  • Removes cleanly for up to 45 days and leaves no residue behind
  • Made in the USA for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders
If you manufacture or transport metal goods, you know the importance of keeping surfaces in excellent condition. Ensuring aluminum products resist damage, fingerprints and cosmetic wear is vital for customer satisfaction. Shop our protective film for business and personal projects. Make sure appliances, panels and other surfaces withstand bumps and impacts by using our American-made solutions.

Create a Temporary Barrier Across Aluminum Surfaces

Aluminum is a malleable metal prone to scratches. Our aluminum surface protection film offerings work to shield exterior finishes throughout all stages of fabrication and shipping. You can cut the aluminum protective film to the size you need and trust the 2.5-mil film to establish a barrier between aluminum surfaces and environmental hazards. Self-adhesive films follow the shape of any aluminum product for a seamless installation process.

The Advantages of Aluminum Surface Protection Film

Our protective film for aluminum products fastens quickly and leaves no residue after removal. All you have to do is unravel the film from the roll, trim a piece to match the dimensions of a surface, and apply it with gentle pressure for immediate results. Our aluminum surface protection film solutions provide a medium tack adhesion to prevent bubbles and chances of sliding. With this film, you can also:
  • Limit swirl marks on aluminum after finishing procedures.
  • Prevent the buildup of dust while products are in storage.
  • Minimize costs associated with customer returns.
  • Block solid and liquid contaminants from making contact with aluminum.

Applications of Aluminum Surface Protection Film

We're proud to do business with professional manufacturers, contractors and anyone in need of protective film. We see our products used for a variety of applications, from handling and packaging to covering aluminum surfaces during home renovations. Review the items below to see what types of products our aluminum protective film can preserve:
  • Kitchen appliances
  • HVAC components
  • Construction panels
  • Roofing, metal parts and components

Save Money With Free Shipping at TapeManBlue

Whether you're ordering one roll of aluminum protective film for a particular project or enough for your entire facility, we offer free shipping on all orders within the continental United States. Ordering protective film online has never been easier. TapeManBlue has the aluminum protector film you need in stock for a timely delivery. Explore our surface protection solutions and place your order today!