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Rich Speeney

Posted on October 06 2017

You Buy American? Really?

Yes, really. And there's a lot of good reasons for it too.
We realized a long time ago that we're supporting a single industry of entrepreneurs and established businesses whose reputation and growth depend upon reliable supplies. 
We don't want to distribute anything that doesn't meet our customer's needs for quality and reliability. Our rationale for choosing American made products are listed below.

Higher Quality standards 
American goods are just better. The industrial standards set for manufacturers in the United States are more protective and ensure higher quality across the entire manufacturing process. That means the products perform better and are safer to use. We might be able to make a few cents more by going abroad and ignoring quality, but that doesn't make any sense to us. A few pennies worth of profit could very well lose us a loyal customer who lost profit when a product failed. We can't have that.

Better Customer Service
American manufacturers stand behind their product and their locality make returns and other standards of quality customer service easier to provide. These advantages ripple down the supply chain to the customer, and the customer is everything to us.

Buying American Stimulates the Economy 
Each dollar spent on American-made items cycles through the economy to keep our country working and our economy strong. Profits earned from orders shipped abroad mostly benefit only a very small sector of the economy and does nothing to create or maintain jobs here. A vibrant economy requires all of us. Helen Keller once noted, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Businesses are the Neighborhood 
From Little League Baseball to the Girl Scouts, American families empowered by the businesses they work for enrich our communities. Keeping the local business community strong permits them to give back to the community through gifts, donations and volunteering. Taxes pay for community supports of all kinds from the streets we drive to the police departments we rely on for civil order. Any city with a diminished business base has a lower quality of life for its citizens.

In the end, we choose American-made because it's the best choice for our customers at every level. Our customers have been very loyal to us, and we repay that loyalty with the best performance products we can find.

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