High Tack Green Painter's Tape

Quantity Price
1 $114.90
6 $104.90
15 $101.90
24 $98.90
48 $94.90
High-Tack Green Painters Masking Tape in Bulk | Made in the USA | Free Shipping
  • Removes cleanly for up to 14 days and leaves no residue behind
  • Multi-use, green crepe paper with high-tack adhesive
  • UV resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Great for rough surfaces and holding things together 
  • Available widths: 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch
  • Made in America for quality you can trust
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 48 cases per pallet
You can count on TapeManBlue for dependable green painter's tape that helps you get your lines right the first time. We sell top-quality green tape that stays where you want it and removes cleanly. Our green tape helps you tackle projects that need tape with a higher tack than our standard option.

Green Masking Tape for Painters Who Need a Stronger Bond

Our green tape offers many of the features of our original painter's tape with a higher tack. Its extra bonding power makes it a great choice for projects that involve rough surfaces or multiple layers to tape. The advantages of our painter's green masking tape include:
  • Residue-free, clean removal for 14 days after application so you can keep working on your long-term job
  • Ultraviolet (UV) resistance for suitability in indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in bulk quantities and pricing to maximize your value
  • American-made for reliable quality
Green tape from TapeManBlue features a better bond and a longer timeline for clean removal than Scotch 3M 2060 Rough Surface Painter's Tape.

Green Painter's Tape Pricing

Save on supply costs for high-quality tape by buying from TapeManBlue. We did the math for you to sell you $114.90 worth of tape for any roll width you choose. The following chart breaks down each width option to the price per case and roll:
Size Number of rolls Price per case Price per roll
1 in. x 60 yd. 48 $114.90 $2.39
1.5 in. x 60 yd. 32 $114.90 $3.59
2 in. x 60 yd. 24 $114.90 $4.79
3 in. x 60 yd. 16 $114.90 $7.18

When to Use Green Painter’s Tape

Other tapes can accommodate general painting projects, but our green tape works on heavy-duty surfaces. Consider ordering green painter's tape if your project involves any of the following applications:
Rough, uneven surfaces
Green painters tape can stick on surfaces such as rough wood, concrete, stucco and brick because of its higher level of tack.
Exterior surfaces
The strong adhesive on green tape maintains its integrity on different materials outside under various weather conditions.
Protecting floors with cardboard panels
When you're trying to protect sensitive flooring materials from heavy foot traffic and paint during a renovation project, the green tape does a better job of keeping down the cardboard.
Pedestrian traffic control and social distance markers
Besides painting your property, you can also lay green painting tape on the floor to keep your customers a safe distance from each other. The high tack keeps it on the floor, allowing you to create boxes or lines to show patrons where to stand. You can also use green tape to create barriers that divide the aisle floors.

Blue vs. Green Painter's Tape

The primary difference between green and blue painters tape is the tack level. Blue tape is medium tack, while green tape is high tack. Consider the various adhesion qualities of green and blue tape to determine which one could work for your application:
  • Green painters tape tack: If you need to protect uneven or rough surfaces from paint, green painter's tape has a stronger adhesive to keep your property safe. However, if you're going to use it on sensitive floors or walls, it might be too strong and could even pull up the material underneath the tape.
  • Blue painters tape tack: TapeManBlue blue painters tape features a medium tack adhesive to allow it to adhere to your surface. However, it's also possible to remove it cleanly for up to 21 days. The tape will last on the wall for the whole project instead of peeling. Once you remove it, the area won't have any residue on it.

TapeManBlue vs. Other Brands

TapeManBlue supplies the high-quality products you need at an affordable price. Our goal is to help make your next project a success. Here are some of the ways we stand out from the competition:
American-made products
When you buy green painters tape from TapeManBlue, you can trust that it's a durable product because we know exactly where it's manufactured. Our green painter's tape is 100% made in the USA to guarantee its quality and control its productivity. Even though other brands might source their materials and productions to other countries to save a little money, we want to assure our customers that our products are worth the investment.
No residue
Our green tape will not leave a residue when used according to instructions, so instead of thinking about cleaning or refinishing your sensitive surfaces, you can rest assured that your property will maintain its integrity as you paint it.

Everyday low pricing
TapeManBlue provides all the high tack painters tape you need for your application at an affordable cost.

Bulk quantity discounts
As a business owner, you'll probably need to have a large stock of green painters tape on hand for future property renovations. It's much more convenient to have green tape in your storage room than to start a project and realize you don't have any. If you need a bulk quantity of green tape, we provide reasonable order minimums to maintain low prices and help you stay stocked.

Free shipping on all orders
Combined with our low prices and bulk discounts, you'll save even more money with the free shipping that we offer nationwide. Taking away the cost of shipping can also help you predict how much you'll spend so you can easily create a budget item for your company.

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