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1 Must-Use Trick for Towing Companies & Auto Body Shops

Trusting your vehicle to a towing company, auto body shop, or a mechanic can be stressful. If you run any sort of business that requires your customers to trust you with their car, you need to take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of the car. One unfortunate accident can cause a scratch, dent, or chip that you will be held responsible for. Moreover, if you are storing cars outside for an extended period of time, especially if they’re damaged cars, you need to protect the interiors from natural damage. Here is one must-use trick to keep cars safe while you work with them.

What can go wrong?

It’s always a terrible feeling when you realize that you left a car window open during a rainstorm. Not only does this cause you to have a soggy ride home, it can also cause major damage to your car’s interior and upholstery. These repairs can be expensive; replacing seats, radios, and flooring adds up! 

In a similar way, damaged cars are exposed to this same type of damage even after they are on a professional lot. Broken windows and cracked windshields can allow the elements to get into the interior of the car. Warped or sprung doors can also cause gaps that can be penetrated easily. Bent hoods can expose engines as well. 

The Solution: Collision Wrap

Protection from elements

With quality automotive protective film, you can rest assured that your car will be protected from additional damage. Simply use the adhesive on the film and stick it to the body of the car around the area you need to protect. The adhesive property of the wrap will create a seal that will keep out any water, snow, wind, or dirt. Whether it is over a window, a windshield, a door, a hood, or any other part of the car that has been damaged, the collision wrap can protect it.

At TapeManBlue, our collision wrap is 3.5-mils thick, making it extremely durable for the temporary use. It also removes cleanly, meaning that there is no repercussions for keeping the inside of the car safe. 

Protection from scratches

Another use for the collision wrap is to protect a surface from scratches; it can be treated just like a protection film for automobiles. If cars are being transported or you are working on them near a damageable part, you can use the wrap to cover any surfaces that need protection from damage. This versatile wrap can work in tandem to protect surfaces and seal in the interior at the same time. 

Protection from overspray

One final use of the collision wrap is for protection from overspray. If you are spraying on a new finish, you can use the film like it is painter’s tape. Simply cover up the surfaces you want to protect and paint away! The film will keep any overspray from staining the surfaces, giving you clean lines with ultimate protection.

Invest today and save yourself the headache

Collision wrap is a great way to protect the cars that you work with, ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. TapeManBlue Collision Wrap is trusted by hundreds of people just like you each day. Browse our selection to find the product that best fits your needs.

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