CanvasTac Print Media


Removable and Repositionable Print Media for Wall Graphics

CanvasTac is a 17-mil removable and repositionable adhesive-backed canvas designed to provide an artistic look and durable finish to your graphics. Quality matters when you’re in the market for a wall graphics print media that will provide a high-end look and feel at a price that delivers savings — and that’s exactly what you’ll find at TapeManBlue.

Our printable self-adhesive canvas options are also versatile. They can be beautifully printed with UV, latex, solvent, and eco-solvent inks. In the past, you may have found an adhesive canvas for digital printing that you liked — only to find it was incompatible with your preferred ink. That’s not an issue when you choose printable wall coverings from TapeManBlue.

Add Murals & Decals On A Variety of Surfaces

Once you’ve printed a graphic on this adhesive-backed canvas, you can place it anywhere. CanvasTac can be applied to walls, windows, doors, elevators and a wide variety of other surfaces. These various applications bring versatility to our printable wall murals, making them ideal for both commercial and residential usage.

What other benefits do you get when you choose CanvasTac from TapeManBlue? Our CanvasTac does not peel, rip, wrinkle, shrink or curl. It can be moved and re-applied over and over again. This is a departure from what you experience with many other providers of self-adhesive canvas rolls. In many cases, the adhesive is so strong that the rolls can't be removed and placed elsewhere without destroying its original surface. In other cases, the adhesive is too weak to remain hanging on various surfaces. CanvasTac is designed and manufactured to include a repositionable adhesive, making it ideal for repeat usage on different surfaces.

The 17-mil thick wallcovering can adhere to existing wallpaper and is ideal for covering irregular or blemished surfaces. The easy-release microsphere adhesive makes it the most versatile and easiest to install wallcovering on the market today.

About CanvasTac

To give you the greatest amount of flexibility possible, we offer adhesive-backed canvas wallcovering options in a range of sizes and colors. For example, you’ll find in our selection self-adhesive canvas options in white, silver, gold iridescent and deep gold. These various adhesive canvas colors allow you access to the solution you need for your wallcoverings. We also offer different sizes of printable wall coverings. You’ll find options that are 54 inches by 75 feet, 60 inches by 75 feet and 60 inches by 150 feet. Order your adhesive canvas rolls in the amount you need for an upcoming project or in bulk so that you have adhesive canvas rolls ready and waiting when they are required.

Our adhesive canvas options are made in the United States, which brings an unmatched level of quality to our products — and you won’t pay a made-in-the-USA premium for our adhesive-backed canvas options. What makes TapeManBlue different in the marketplace is that we offer premium-quality products at incredibly attractive prices. While you will pay a significant premium for other wholesale adhesive canvas products made in the United States, we are committed to delivering high quality along with attractive savings.

TapeManBlue is Here for You

There’s a significant advantage to choose an adhesive canvas for digital printing from TapeManBlue. You get the medium level of adhesiveness that allows for strength in holding but also the ability to take down a canvas and to place it elsewhere. You get the quality of a product manufactured in the United States. And you also get competitive pricing that’s hard to find with self-adhesive canvas options that are made in the USA. This is the ideal solution for anyone needing an adhesive canvas for digital printing.

Quality Grade: Category VI Type III Class A Wallcovering

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