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How to Paint an Accent Wall

How to Paint an Accent Wall

Painting accent walls have become a popular home trend lately, and if you look around, you'll notice them everywhere, from your friend's living room to your local café. These walls are more than just a trendy statement — they're an...

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Painting Fail

Painting Fails and How to Avoid Them

While painting fails may seem hilarious in retrospect, they still cost you time and money to redo. In this article, we'll cover the most common painting mistakes, so you can learn from others' errors. 1. Painting Your Interior on Rainy...

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Car Wash

Using Blue Tape at Car Washes

People love putting unique and sometimes strange decorations on their cars, and there's usually some underlying reason to do it. But there are some things you may see and have no idea how to explain. For instance, you may ask...

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Choosing the Right Tape

How to Choose the Right Tape for Your Project

Quality tape is an essential tool for many professional projects, small and large. Whether you're painting a room or creating graphics with vinyl transfers, you need to get the job done right. Choose a tape that's suited for the job...

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